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Schneider Truck Driver Training

Online reviews show that the instruction, meals and lodging provided during training exceeded student expectations. This is a definite perk for Schneider. Other trucking school accommodations are reported by students as dreadful.

schneider truck driver training

A veteran 40+ years truck driver shares 10 of the all time, tried and true truck driving safety tips ALL professional truckers should know AND follow!If every driver of EVERY vehicle on the road followed these safety tips, our roads would be SO much safer.

Schneider is committed to helping new and returning drivers start their careers off right, which is why we offer a wide selection of company-paid CDL training options. Start your driving journey by reading through our options and selecting the one that best fits your needs.

Through this program, Schneider funds the cost of tuition while the student is in truck driving school, which typically lasts three to four weeks. Upon graduation, the student attends Schneider orientation and becomes a Schneider driver.

Get pre-hired as a Schneider driver before you even step foot in truck driving school. Fill out the form in the link below, and once it is reviewed and approved, use the form to secure loans, grants or other funding for truck driver school.

Now that new drivers have learned the basics of truck driving through classroom and yard training, they transition to training that is similar to the orientation inexperienced drivers attend after graduating from truck driving school.

Due to the specialized nature of Intermodal driving, the Intermodal CAT program lasts six weeks instead of just five. However, just like the Van Truckload and Dedicated CAT programs, new drivers will still spend about nine hours each day training while also earning a daily pay rate with weekly paychecks.

So, how exactly does the paid CDL training program at Schneider Trucking work? Schneider National has partnered with Southern State Community College in Ohio to create the Schneider trucking school, allowing Schneider to foot the bill while they send select candidates there to receive truck driver training in order to obtain their Class A CDL.

First, you must fill out an online application on the Schneider Trucking website. Once you pass the pre-approval process, Schneider National will then sponsor you and send you to the Schneider trucking school at Southern State Community College in Wilmington, Ohio to receive your truck driver training. Schneider will cover your tuition costs for the length of the program, and hire you on as a driver once you graduate.

Overall, the company paid CDL training program offered by Schneider National is one of the best in the business. You get to train at a highly reputable professional truck driving school without paying a single dime of tuition. You then receive four additional weeks of paid training during the Schneider training orientation program that will help sharpen your skills and prepare you to go out there on the road and haul freight all by yourself.

SAGE provides CDL training for students interested in a truck driving job for Schneider. We have successfully trained and placed hundreds of drivers with Schneider all over the country, and we are proud to work with Schneider as one of our premier partners for job placement. Go Big Orange!

Drivers who complete orientation remotely do so from a large conference room at a hotel near one of the participating Schneider training facilities. Remote participants are given Chromebooks so they can follow along with the same course and instruction that is being presented in person by an instructor at the Schneider Training Academy. Additionally, Schneider designates driver training associates to remain on-site at the hotel for help if needed.

Diesel Driving Academy is one of the largest privately owned and accredited truck driving schools in the United States, and have been in continuous operation since 1972. Since opening our doors, we have helped thousands of men and women begin their new careers as professional truck drivers. We offer convenient CDL truck driving training locations in Louisiana and Arkansas, and continue to grow and develop our relationships with some of the largest trucking companies in America, such as Schneider National, Inc.

In a recent announcement, Schneider said it would take several steps at eight sites where it now performs orientation training: Phoenix; Indianapolis and Gary, Indiana; Atlanta; Dallas; Carlisle, Pennsylvania; West Memphis,Tennessee; and Charlotte, North Carolina, which is dedicated solely to owner-operators who have leased with the truckload carrier.

In the announcement of the new policy, Schneider said the remote participants will work on Chromebooks supplied by the company to track the training going on live at the regular sites. There also will be a driver training associate from Schneider on-site at the hotel.

Schneider is not necessarily a bad company. But any organization with a fleet of 21,937 vehicles on the road will inevitably cause a few accidents. Particularly in an environment where truck drivers are pushed to cover more miles in less time, stress, fatigue, and distraction can cause any driver, regardless of their training or experience, to get into a collision.

The possibility for accidents is greater when a company, like this company, hires new drivers fresh out of their training classes. Of course, new drivers need to start somewhere. We get that. But the odds of stress, fatigue, and distraction can only increase with truck driver inexperience. Regardless of their hiring policy or training program, Schneider is responsible for the serious injuries its truck drivers causes. If you are our client, we are going to fight to get you compensation for all of the pain, harms, and losses resulting from the truck accidents caused by the drivers they employ.

No. Schneider truck drivers have a slightly lower accident rate per mile compared to other trucking companies of similar size. Schneider Transportation truck drivers average about 130 serious injury accidents and 8 fatality accidents each year.

Trucking Companies that hire inexperienced drivers understand the training that goes into building experience. The best trucking companies to work for offer excellent salaries, benefits packages, and home time. Drivers can expect better safety standards and the latest technology.

Roehl is a leader in the industry, helping its new hires obtain CDL licenses. The transportation company even pays for in-class CDL training and over-the-road training with an experienced Roehl driver.

Fraley and Schilling offers world-class services with weekly home time. Drivers benefit from industry-leading pay and an extensive benefits package, making them consistently rate Fraley & Schilling as one of the best trucking companies to work for. The company is focused on continuous improvement to give drivers the opportunity to join a company that is on the cutting edge of technology and safety.

Schneider is an established truckload carrier that is known for offering great benefits as well as high-quality training. Plus, Schneider offers a Class A CDL certification program for new drivers with zero experience.

As the largest North American truckload carrier, Knight-Swift Transportation is known for its high employee retention rate. The company offers rewarding driving jobs and CDL training through Swift Academy. Swift is a SmartWay Transport Partner that prides itself on its commitment to its values as well as its professional business code. As part of this commitment, Swift Transportation offers numerous bonus incentives for drivers who demonstrate these values.

No matter which trucking company you apply to work for, your prospective employers will run checks to determine whether or not you meet the legal standards to operate their vehicles. For example, this would include any training that is necessary for Hazmat work as well as the right drug and alcohol screening tests.

For licensed drivers with little to no practical truck driving job experience, consider applying for an apprenticeship to get a better feel for what your job responsibilities could be. It is also a great way to record some hours on the road with the support of an experienced driver trainer, which just might increase your eligibility for other available positions. Generally speaking, if the company or individual you apprentice with likes your work ethic and the progress you are making, then they might consider hiring you after you complete your apprenticeship.

After all, they are incentivized to invest in your success because it will benefit their company to have safe and qualified drivers operating their fleet. Plus, paid CDL programs can jumpstart your truck driving career at little to no cost to you. This is especially beneficial if your personal finances are already tight.


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