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Send your love with Couple Rings Set

Do you know what a promise ring represents? This piece of jewelry symbolizes the love that two people have for one another and the connection they share. It's a distinct band from an engagement or wedding band however, it can be an important step in establishing a relationship between two people. It's the intimate and personal testimony of a relationship or a romance full of promise. You don't have to wait until an occasion to present it to someone who means a lot to you. Find out who you can present a an engagement ring promise to and how to pick one.

What is a Promise Ring?

The promise ring is a piece of jewelry that is loaded with symbols. We offer them to people who have marked our lives in a way or another families, spouses, close friends. They are a symbol of the commitment between two people that envision a future with each other. This is why they are also referred to as "pre-engagement rings". If you've decided to wear it at the same time as your loved one then you can also talk about couple (or friendship) rings. Once worn, this rings is filled with the most romantic feelings that your loved one will carry with them wherever they go. You can gift this beautiful and unique piece of jewelry to someone you cherish even if you're not engaged or married. Family members or a brother, sister, a child, a friend...

When and to whom should you give the promise ring?

For men and women rings for promise are typically handed out during special moments in the relationship. These are the unique identifiers which mark a new phase in your relationship or an event that is exceptional or a time with your loved ones: a birthday or vacation or even a challenge you have overcome together. A promise ring is a unique way to express your gratitude to your loved one following an event that was difficult. This tradition and timeless symbol will strengthen your union. The promise ring you give on the day of a baby's birth is a delicate expression of love and commitment to each other. This gesture symbolizes a deep bond that binds the couple who have just created a family and have not promised an engagement or marriage.

How do you wear this ring?

The piece of jewelry can be worn daily. It's not a rule that you should wear your promise ring on the left finger with the ring. However, many people wear it. You can also put it on your middle finger or even around your neck as a pendant. The main factor is that you feel at ease. Wear it on the same finger as your partner for complete harmony.

Choosing your promise ring

Choose the promise ring you're going to present with care. Start by learning about the recipient's preferences. The promise ring does not have to reflect her tastes and style.

The design of rings for promise is typically smaller and more discreet than that of an engagement wedding ring or ring. The quality must be present. For women, choose silver or gold with a gemstone accent.

The classic promise ring is simple and elegant. It is often made out of silver or gold and represents a lasting and precious bond of love. If you wish to personalize your ring, pick one that is engraved with special messages.

The promise ring that is adorned with gemstones is an attractive alternative for people who love statement jewelry. Consider the meaning of each stone: lapis Lazuli signifies friendship and romance, rose quartz represents tenderness and love for a mother and passion, while ruby is a symbol of love...

Simpler rings made of precious metal symbolize the purity of love. They are elegant and elegant when worn by both men and women.


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