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Nas - Undying Love ^NEW^

[Nas]Got up with Horse, showed a look on my face was mad lostI ain't know whether to cry or just, try to laugh it off"Son you home early -- they wiped you out that quick?"I said, "Nah," showed him the plastic with nine in the clipHopped in the whip, popped in the disc, pressed playTo the Grand Central, from the Van Wyck ExpresswayI said, "Bet you'll never guess in a million yearswhat I just saw happenin -- and probably still isSnuck in my crib - some nigga fuckin my wizI saw dem, they ain't see me, I ducked and I slidI'ma grab shorty, I need you to grab the nigga for me"Just when I thought I found love, she shitted on meShopped in Vegas, a present, for our engagement20 G's on a ring I would have hit her today withMy surprise couldn't match the one she had for meWe pulled up, he was walkin out the house backwardlyParked in the back of my house, they couldn't see usRan to the side of my house, cocked the heaterWalked to the front when I talked he had junkBitch tried to slam the door shut, got caught in Horse footShot the Spanish kid in the rib, drug him inGrabbed her face, say goodbye to your undercover friendOne between the eye, she's died, by mistakeMust've held the gat too tight, pointed at her faceHeard somebody knock -- Horse helped me hide the bodiesHeard si-rens, I guess we goin out we out like kamikazesWe surrounded, red lights flashin, who's inside?Came out a bullhorn, I'm contemplatin suicideHorse asked me for the Mac, he gave me dap, one loveCocked the strap, then he ran out the backMad shots couldn't tell what was goin onSat on the floor near my dead girl, put her in my armsPulled her ring out my pocket I was savinPut it on her ring finger cocked the glock, and started prayinto Muhammad and Allah, the most beneficialthrough you, all things are possible, I know you're listeninI never meant for this to happen, I never dreamedthis'd be my fate, such a grotesque, murder sceneOn that note, same time, the cops busted inKissed my lady, her blood on my lips, I said "Amen"Put the nine to my head, pulled the hammer, held her closeSqueeze the toast, said to her, "Now unto God, we elope"

Nas - Undying Love

To express love, you might write a letter, surprise someone with a gift, tell them you love them verbally or surprise them by asking if you can get something done for them, such as running an errand for them or doing something for them around the home that you know they don't want to do.

(ʌndaɪɪŋ ) Explore 'undying' in the dictionary. adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun] If you refer to someone's undying feelings, you mean that the feelings are very strong and are unlikely to change.

When you have an undying love for someone, your affection, fondness, and tenderness for them never go away completely. You feel attached to them because you always care about them and have compassion for them. You never stop being kind to them. Intimacy and sex can also be considered definitions of love.

He stayed by her side, proving his undying love and once again proposing marriage to her. This example is from Wikipedia and may be reused under a CC BY-SA license. She has a hot temper and an undying love for casinos and always drags the group to the casino when there is one.

Romantic love can last a lifetime and lead to happier, healthier relationships. Romance does not have to fizzle out in long-term relationships and progress into a companionship/friendship-type love, a new study has found. Romantic love can last a lifetime and lead to happier, healthier relationships.

  • Here are few tips I would like share with you, if you like to build everlasting love with your partner.7 Ways to Build Everlasting Love:

  • Trust and Respect your partner.

  • Give your artner Space.

  • Be an Interesting person.

  • Look for reasons to Appreciate your partner.

  • Keep yourself Physically attractive.

  • Forgive and Forget.

A study has shown that a person can fall in love at least three times in their lifetime. However, each one of these relationships can happen in a different light from the one before and each one serves as a different purpose.

The Greek language distinguishes four different kinds of love: Philia, Eros, Storge and Agape. They all have a beautiful description of different kinds of love, and understanding each is a sure way to help spouses improve their relationships.

True love is an acceptance of who you are as a person. Even when your partner doesn't agree with you, they don't try to change you. When you found true love, you often feel you can talk about anything with your partner. You can trust them with your deepest dreams, your hardest memories, and your biggest fears.

The heart is the most widely recognized and universally known symbol of "What is love?" It is a recognized love symbol all across the world and is used in many different designs, such as the Irish Claddagh, to represent love and loyalty.

Doves have long been considered symbols of love and peace. Along with their cooing and bowing courting rituals, doves mate for a lifetime, which has come to symbolize fidelity. Often, a depiction of two doves together translates to everlasting, eternal love.

Illmatic [Columbia, 1994]In Mo' Meta Blues, Questlove describes "hip hop's funeral": the battle of the debuts at the Source Awards, when Biggie's Ready to Die buried Nas's Illmatic, already a critical and in-crowd legend, and he watched Nas "wilt in defeat" in the Tommy Hilfiger shirt his manager had just financed. Sez Quest to Black Thought: "He's never going to be the same. You just watch." And he was right. Nas immediately transformed himself into a hit-seeking faux gangsta of depressing conventionality and didn't make another good record for eight years. That still begs the question, however, of exactly how good this spartan effort was and is. Better than I thought at the time for sure--as happens with aesthetes sometimes, the purists heard subtleties principled vulgarians like me were disinclined to enjoy, especially beatmaking where Large Professor along with such fellow New York smoothies as Pete Rock, Q-Tip, and the great Premier convert samples into haunting looped groove elements. Also enjoyable is Nas's ability to transform simple lines like "I never sleep because sleep is the cousin of death," "I'm out for presidents to represent me," "The world is yours," and even "One love, one love" into de facto hooks. And my mind tells me that I have to admire how cagily he walks the line between doing the crime and hanging with homies for whom nothing else is "real" even if my heart isn't in it. All that said, however, Ready to Die still gets my vote. A-

I Am . . . [Columbia, 1999]Nas covers his ahzz. If in one song he's "wetting" (lovely word) "any nigga" (another) his fellow playa Scarface doesn't like, in another he's fomenting revolution: "Combine all the cliques and make one gang." Yeah sure. The question is how convincing he is, and only two themes ring true: the bad ones, revenge and money. His idea of narrative detail is to drop brand names like Bret Easton Ellis; his idea of morality is everybody dies. Ghostface Killah's "Wildflower" is far more brutal than the she-cheated-while-I-was-playin "Undying Love," and far less bloody; Biggie's "Playa Hater" is far more brutal than the Wu-Puff cameo "Hate Me Now," and far more humorous. Blame his confusion and bad faith on a conscience that's bothered him ever since he bought into the Suge Knight ethos. I've never met a ho in my life. This kind of sellout starts with a "W." B-

The Lost Tapes [Columbia, 2002]Remember that posthumous outtakes CD Bad Boy attributed to Biggie? No? Good then--it was foul, not just ill shit but stupid ill shit. These finalized versions of tracks fans have long bootlegged is the opposite. Where the ex-dealer thought it wise to conceal his brutishness, the fake thug thought it wise to conceal his sensitivity. Surrounding outtakes that were just outtakes is back-in-the-day recommended to Tim and Missy (even has some pronunciation in it) and four autobiographical pieces. The two about his parents are juicier than the mother love gushing from God's Son. The Afrocentric pep song is so much deeper than the mawkish, misinformed new "I Can" that you believe he might yet get politics. And "Drunk by Myself" describes his alcoholism. Pass what Courvoisier? B+

By David Berry: My home office set-up is a literal intersection between my hopes, fears, obsession with 90s hip hop and an undying love for my birth place, Rochester, NY. It's music-heavy, to be certain, but nothing was chosen on accident.

Hip Hop Periodic Table. I fell in love with a genre that was never made for me. But it always spoke to me. A reminder of how deep and abiding my love for music is. And how so many artists have met me in moments where I needed creativity, focus, inspiration or quiet.

Prayer is the heart of the life of the Community of Sant'Egidio and is its absolute priority. At the end of the day, every the Community of Sant'Egidio, large or small, gathers around the Lord to listen to his Word. The Word of God and the prayer are, in fact, the very basis of the whole life of the Community. The disciples cannot do other than remain at the feet of Jesus, as did Mary of Bethany, to receive his love and learn his ways (Phil. 2:5).So every evening, when the Community returns to the feet of the Lord, it repeats the words of the anonymous disciple: " Lord, teach us how to pray". Jesus, Master of prayer, continues to answer: "When you pray, say: Abba, Father". It is not a simple exhortation, it is much more. With these words Jesus lets the disciples participate in his own relationship with the Father. Therefore in prayer, the fact of being children of the Father who is in heaven, comes before the words we may say So praying is above all a way of being! That is to say we are children who turn with faith to the Father, certain that they will be heard.Jesus teaches us to call God "Our Father". And not simply "Father" or "My Father". Disciples, even when they pray on their own, are never isolated nor they are orphans; they are always members of the Lord's family.In praying together, beside the mystery of being children of God, there is also the mystery of brotherhood, as the Father of the Church said: "You cannot have God as father without having the church as mother". When praying together, the Holy Spirit assembles the disciples in the upper room together with Mary, the Lord's mother, so that they may direct their gaze towards the Lord's face and learn from Him the secret of his Heart. The Communities of Sant'Egidio all over the world gather in the various places of prayer and lay before the Lord the hopes and the sufferings of the tired, exhausted crowds of which the Gospel speaks ( Mat. 9, 3:7 ), In these ancient crowds we can see the huge masses of the modern cities, the millions of refugees who continue to flee their countries, the poor, relegated to the very fringe of life and all those who are waiting for someone to take care of them. Praying together includes the cry, the invocation, the aspiration, the desire for peace, the healing and salvation of the men and women of this world. Prayer is never in vain; it rises ceaselessly to the Lord so that anguish is turned into hope, tears into joy, despair into happiness, and solitude into communion. May the Kingdom of God come soon among people! 041b061a72


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