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HACK KKND Krossfire Full Version PC

"The Ebola Virus Crew Strikes Back - We rule tha crack scene !" The Ebola Virus Crew Proudly Presents: KKND2--KROSSFIRE (German v1.0) Cracked by : R!SC Protection : CD-CHECK & STUFF Download the program at : your local video game shop?? Installation Notes Unzip into your game directory and use run-kknd2-ger.exe to load the game The Ebola Virus Crew News & Announcements: The Ebola Virus Crew Greetings: The Phrozen Crew - Majestic 13 - Dedicated 4 Cracking UCF - GCF - Mexlite - GCG - LAXITY - UCT - CiA The Ebola Virus Crew Personal Greetings: All EVC Members - ShadowRUNNER The Members of Ebola Virus Crew are: $eTh Cracker Black Paranoia Cracker Butch Cracker coZmo Graphic artist DrkJediGrd Cracker FATALiTY Cracker fLAIEr GFXer Incredible Fighter Cracker/Founder LLCOOLT Cracker Loc Coder Magic Mike Cracker Mighty Mouse Cracker/Founder Prof. X Cracker R!SC Cracker SiGMA Cracker Sn00pee Cracker SuB zErO Cracker TBoy Cracker/GFXer TWD Cracker VeRbAl Courier/Informant Warhead Cracker Webhead Cracker WeazL Cracker White DaveR Cracker X-Clamat!on Cracker -X-crete Courier ZenTaur Arts Cracker Our current Trial Members: fLAIEr GFXer fULL Cracker Xelags Cracker So, You're Interested in Becoming an Ebola Virus Crew Member ? Ebola Virus Crew is always on the lookout for talented new members. That includes crackers, hackers, graphic & music artists. If you want to join us or help the group in any other way, send an e-mail with a description of your skills and a few samples of your work. The Ebola Virus Crew World Wide Web Site: ****:// The Ebola Virus Crew Internet Relay Chat (IRC): ???? REMEMBER, SUPPORT THE COMPANIES THAT PRODUCE QUALITY SOFTWARE. IF YOU ENJOYED THIS PRODUCT, BUY IT. SOFTWARE AUTHORS DESERVE SUPPORT.KKND.KROSSFIRE.CRACK.BY.R!SC.05.99thanks/greets toLordbyte & The Owl--for there amazing sicetool, which without this, kknd2would remain uncracked (by myself, i could only manage half the anti-siceprotection)Josephco--for reminding me of BPR/BPM as a way to locate process checksummingthat doesn't use the windows standard 'ReadProcessMemory' (heh, maybe i drunktoo much that morning)Melbourne House/Beam Software/Infogrames--for giving me such a great challenge(17/07/98 when i was a newbie, KKND was uncrackable to me, and after a fewmonths of learning, lOOk what happened (erm, 3rd may 99? thats like, 10 monthsman!))The ProcDump team--well, it didn't uncrypt/unpack Louis, like it says, but igot a process dump anyway, eventually, which helped in a way...(whoops, littleammendmum, it did decrypt the Louis crypter, just, it was wrapped twice withit which i didn't notice at first, i thought it had just failed, anyway, theunpacked version runs with certain problems, like, it keeps exiting, whentrying to load a level, and repacking it makes no difference). nice how UPXrepacks it to 335kb thoughGhoztman & Rico--heh, my beta testersR!SC 03-05-99

HACK KKND Krossfire Full Version PC



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  • 9 Dec Sat | 'Santa Meet & Greet'

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