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FlyInside Flight Simulator Download PC Game [VERIFIED]

FlyInside lets you take to the skies in virtual reality by making three popular flight simulators work with virtual reality goggles.You'll feel as if you're really flying an airplane from the comfort of your desk.

FlyInside Flight Simulator Download PC Game

FlyInside Flight Simulator is a brand new flight simulator built for virtual reality! It ships with ten beautiful aircraft, and scenery for the continental USA. As of today, you can Download and Buy it from our website, or on Steam!

We're in the process of finalizing our aircraft SDK, along with creating user friendly tools around our scenery system. If you're interested in creating aircraft, porting an existing aircraft from another simulator, or in creating scenery, please contact We'd like your input as we finalize these tools, and can provide you with additional information.

FlyInside Flight Simulator is a brand new flight simulator built for VR! It ships with ten beautiful aircraft and scenery covering the entire continental United States. Fly high-speed jets, hover helicopters, and enjoy general aviation aircraft around a variety of locations and weather types!

All flight simulators use a screen that acts as your window to the digital landscape, some form of a yoke (this can be as simple as a video game joystick controller, or a device designed specifically for use with flight simulators), and an audio interface to mimic environmental noise and communication with the faux air traffic control teams.

Higher-end simulators, like the ones with which you can log actual flight time according to the FAA, may include a mechanism to simulate motion, and the extremely immersive models can pitch across all axes. This list will stick to the simulators that are more suited to have at your home, however.

With new evolutions in what flight simulators can offer, the system requirements of your PC may also have to evolve. Before buying a simulator, be sure that your home computer can support its functions.

FlyInside Flight Simulator is a brand new flight simulator built for virtual reality! It ships with ten beautiful aircraft and scenery covering the entire continental United States. Fly high-speed jets, hover helicopters, and enjoy general aviation aircraft around a variety of locations and weather types! Our custom flight simulation engine provides unparalleled performance, even under load with dense scenery and realistic weather.Our software supports a variety of input options, including joysticks, gamepads, VR motion controllers, Leap Motion, and keyboard/mouse. You can play in VR or on-desktop.The software is in Early Access, so we're constantly working on new features, improvements, and fixes. You can expect a steady stream of updates, both major and minor throughout 2019 and beyond.

One of the earliest tentpoles of PC gaming was the flight simulator genre, with the first acknowledged example, Sublogic FS1 for the Apple II and TSR-80 systems, debuting in 1979. Suddenly, millions of would-be pilots could satisfy their curiosity and desire to be free of terra firma just by turning on their computers. The early entries were extremely crude by today's standards, but realism was always at the core of the endeavors, and the seeds had been planted for a vibrant future.

Updated on November 7, 2021, by Jeff Drake: Flight games (or sims) are an interesting type of game. Unlike most games, where the challenge of the game is the focus, flight games are more about the experience. Many players enjoy flight games because they don't have stages or storylines. There are no boss fights, or spells to memorize, or inventory management - just the pure experience of soaring amongst the clouds in your own personal airplane. Nothing dulls this experience more than a flight game that doesn't immerse the player in a realistic environment; at that point, you might as well play Ace Combat or GTA (not that there's anything wrong with the Ace Combat series).

Rise of Flight is a very realistic flight sim set during World War 1. As you can imagine, this isn't a game where you take your Cessna out for a leisurely flight. In Rise of Flight, you dogfight in the wooden planes of the early 20th Century.

This flight game boasts incredibly realistic graphics, real-world physics, and historically accurate plane models. Since there are no jets or modern ordnance, this game is not as flashy as most of the others on this list. However, this means you must rely more on your piloting skills to be successful.

Okay...okay...admittedly, this isn't the most realistic of flight games - at least when it comes to real-world physics. Yes, this game does have a slight arcade feel to it, and yes, this is more than just a flight sim (there are land and sea battles as well). It does look fantastic though, and there are numerous crafts to fly. The available planes in War Thunder span almost a century of technological development.

This game is perfect for those wanting to get into flight sims. For one, this game is free to download and play. Second, War Thunder looks and plays great. If you like it, then you can decide to upgrade to one of the other games on this list.

This game is the opposite of War Thunder. This is less of a game and more of a sim. It's also one of the most visually realistic flight sims available. It was developed by Lockheed Martin using the Microsoft Flight Simulator ESP platform, so you know it's going to be extremely accurate.

Here's the problem with Prepar3D, its price tag. This is not a cheap game, and when you see how much it costs you might suffer from sticker shock. This is the Adobe Photoshop of flight sims - in terms of quality, and price.

The game possesses some of the most convincing terrain and cityscapes outside of Microsoft's newest iteration. With a catalog of airframes that ranges from jumbo jets to military craft and even a helicopter, this one will surprise gamers who may scoff at a mobile simulator.

The game has an innovative system to pull in scenery data from multiple sources, resulting in some excellent virtual-Earth scenes out there. FlyInside is innovative in a technical sense too, taking advantage of multi-threaded processors and even letting players create (and sell) their own add-ons for the simulator.

Beneath all the problems was a fantastically realistic flight engine for the F-16 Fighting Falcon jet, an incredible dynamic campaign based on a modern Korean War, and industry-leading graphics. A fortuitous source code leak in 2002 allowed the community to have a crack at making the game better, which many did. The best of those came from Benchmark Simulations, who have continued to improve the game through the years, leading to the widely acknowledged "true" version of the game today being Falcon 4.0 BMS.

One of the very few flight sims to focus on a Soviet or Russian airframe, IL-2 Sturmovik is nevertheless one of the best there is. Dating all the way back to 2006, the game is still one of the examples held up by the community for its realism and faithful representation of air and ground combat in World War 2.

After you receive your key, you can activate the game on the Steam client (available free from After you activate the game with the Steam software, you can download the game immediately and instantly.

Initially, Microsoft did not announce any virtual reality support with the game. However, the VR community was very focal about the desire to play the flight simulator in full virtual reality. On July 30th, Microsoft announced that VR support WOULD be coming to VR headsets and that HP Reverb G2 would get to beta test its functionality first.

There are multiple VR flight simulator games available to play today on a VR headset such as the Oculus Rift S or HTC Vive. These games still provide realistic world simulation and flight controls to explore in virtual reality. Below, we show off our 6 favorite alternatives to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Download and check them out today.

X-Plane 11 is a flight simulator VR game which focuses on real-life commercial aircraft. You can pilot one of 19 different airplanes, from small twin turbos up to giant Boeing 747s. The game features over 13,000 airports, many modeled after their real life counterparts.

Prepar3D is a flight simulator VR game that pilots, schools, and military rely on for learning how to fly planes accurately. Lockheed Martin has helped to develop the simulation platform and create different aviation, maritime, and ground scenarios to practice on. The game promises realistic environments.

DCS World is is completely free to download and play. It features a large set of downloadable content for the game such as additional maps and airplanes if you want to explore further. DCS World supports both the Oculus Rift S and the HTC Vive.

Aerofly FS2 is another flight simulator VR game worth checking out. It has over 20 aircraft to fly and an interactive flight school feature to learn how things work and get comfortable with the controls. Aerofly comes with full virtual reality support using any wired headset. A lot of the biggest US cities have been modelled in 3D for the game.

Aerofly FS2 promises accurate flight dynamics including wing-flex, gear compression, and aerodynamic force. There is accurate stall and spin simulation to try out. On the downside, some of the landscape and textures feel flat. Plus, there is no dynamic weather system in the game.

FlyInside originally began in 2015 as a Kickstarter for a mod for Flight Simulator X(FSX). The project raised more than double its $13,500 goal, unlocking Leap Motion support as a stretch goal, as well as support for Prepar3D, a newer flight simulator based on the FSX codebase.

Through either mods or official updates, all major PC flight simulators today have some form of VR support. However, the fact that VR was an afterthought in these sims is often all too obvious. Performance is sub par, the menus are difficult to operate, and a lot of functionality is almost impossible while essentially blindfolded, requiring complex keyboard mappings. FlyInside standalone is tackling these issues by building from the ground up for VR. 041b061a72


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