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Sumit Sambhal Lega Full Episode 104

Sumit Sambhal Lega full episode 104

Sumit Sambhal Lega is a Hindi comedy series that aired on Star Plus from 2015 to 2016. The show is based on the American sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond and revolves around the life of Sumit, a common man who juggles between his family with wife and children and the family he grew up with. The show features Namit Das as Sumit, Manasi Parekh as Maya, Bharati Achrekar as Dolly, Satish Kaushik as Jasbir, Vikram Kochhar as Rajneesh and Benaf Dadachandji as Simran.


The show has a total of 109 episodes, each of which is about 30 minutes long. The show is available for streaming on various platforms such as [Trakt], [Plex] and [SonyLIV]. The full episode 104 of Sumit Sambhal Lega is titled "Sumit Cheats On Maya" and was aired on December 10, 2015.

Summary of episode 104

In this episode, Sumit lies to Maya that he has to go to Delhi for an important interview with a famous cricketer. However, he actually goes to watch a cricket match with his friends. Maya gets suspicious when she sees Sumit's photo on social media with his friends at the stadium. She calls him and confronts him about his lie. Sumit tries to cover up his mistake by saying that he met his friends after the interview and they took him to the stadium. Maya does not believe him and gets angry with him.

Meanwhile, Jasbir and Dolly also go to Delhi to visit Rajneesh and Simran. They find out that Rajneesh has been promoted to the post of ACP and Simran has been transferred to Delhi as well. They are happy for their son and daughter-in-law, but they also feel insecure about their own status in the family. They try to impress Rajneesh and Simran by buying them expensive gifts and acting sophisticated. However, they end up making fools of themselves and annoying Rajneesh and Simran.

Sumit returns home and apologizes to Maya for lying to her. He tells her that he loves her more than anything and he will never cheat on her again. Maya forgives him and they hug each other. However, she also tells him that she has booked tickets for them to go to Delhi for a week. Sumit is shocked and scared as he realizes that he will have to face Jasbir and Dolly, who will surely tease him for his lie.

Review of episode 104

This episode is a hilarious one that showcases the comic timing and chemistry of the actors. Namit Das as Sumit is brilliant as the lovable but irresponsible husband who gets caught in his own web of lies. Manasi Parekh as Maya is equally impressive as the smart and sensible wife who does not tolerate Sumit's nonsense. The scenes between them are funny and relatable as they deal with their marital issues.

The other highlight of the episode is the interaction between Jasbir and Dolly, played by Satish Kaushik and Bharati Achrekar respectively. They are the perfect examples of overbearing and interfering parents who love their children but also annoy them with their antics. Their attempts to impress Rajneesh and Simran are hilarious and pathetic at the same time. Vikram Kochhar as Rajneesh and Benaf Dadachandji as Simran do a good job of portraying the frustrated but polite son and daughter-in-law who have to put up with Jasbir and Dolly's drama.

The episode is well-written and directed, with witty dialogues and situational comedy. The show manages to capture the essence of the original American sitcom while also adding its own flavor of Indian culture and humor. The episode is a must-watch for fans of comedy shows.


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