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Alexander Bailey

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Mouse Acceleration

No. WoW does not use cursor/camera smoothing tied to FPS, never has. Swtor does. That's why it is a different issue. It is combined with the unnecessary mouse acceleration that Swtor forces on you, combined with the badly designed cursor feature in the game. I don't spin "180 degrees", it just turns the camera in any direction opposite of where I am looking, once in a while randomly, on top of the annoying to look at obvious mouse smoothing/acceleration that makes it feel delayed.This is the issue _acceleration_problem_its_2015/The other guy probably just doesn't notice the mouse acceleration, but it's definitely there. There's tons of posts about it. Even in his "related links", there's a community manager/member acknowledging the flicking/spinning portion has been there since launch - yet, it hasn't been fixed, or raw mouse input hasn't been added?

star wars battlefront 2 mouse acceleration

Doesn't sound like it's random on all the issues posted about it, but yes, I am getting mouse acceleration and/or smoothing, that occassionally makes the camera turn hard randomly. If you google swtor mouse acceleration/smoothing, there are tons of posts about it, dating back to when the game launched, with still no actual solution. It's not so much the random spinning that's the main issue, but the camera just feels generally annoying to move, due to the acceleration/smoothing. It makes it feel delayed.

When mouse acceleration is applied, your cursor in-game will move in accordance with how fast you move your mouse on your mousepad, regardless of your sensitivity settings. This allows more room for inconsistency, diminishing your muscle memory, and potentially throws off your aim.

Disabling mouse acceleration is simple. All you have to do is head to the Control Panel on your computer, select Hardware and Sound, and choose Devices and Printers. From there, find your mouse from the menu and click the Pointer Options tab in the Mouse Properties window.

If the game files of Battlefront 2 get corrupt or the files were moved mistakenly, you may encounter some issues including mouse not working battlefront 2. At this time, repairing the game files of Battlefront 2 can help fix the issue.

For starters, I love that it comes with a dedicated charging dock that also doubles as a stand when the mouse is not in use. The dock looks good in an understated fashion and I was not ashamed to have it sitting right on my desk.

FPS games are shrouded in arcane mythology pertaining to the accuracy of mouse input, with never-ending debates over acceleration, smoothing, mouse input filtering, and raw input detection. Call of Duty: Black Ops III doesn't escape from this.


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