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Buyabod Port Marinduque

Sta. Cruz Seaport or Port of Sta. Cruz and also known as Buyabod Port is a small seaport in the municipality of Santa Cruz, Marinduque Province. The seaport is located off the coast of Barangay Buyabod in Calancan Bay and facing Santa Cruz Island.

buyabod port marinduque


Reminder: Before purchasing a ticket, make sure you are taking the right route. There are three ports in Marinduque. It will save you more time and money if your ferry docks near the town that you want to visit.

The following is a list of major ports in the Philippines organized by water mass.This list consists primarily of shipping ports, but also includes some that are primarily or significantly devoted to other purposes: cruises, fishing, local delivery, and marinas.

good day sir, can I ask you something? balak din kasi namin ng mga friends ko pumunta ng maniwaya marinduque, pero in a cheaper way then I found your blog, kaso walang nakalagay kung magkano ang fee kung my sarili kaming tent na dala, alam nyo po ba kung mgkno? at pra saan po pala yung accomodation fee? nkita ko kasi hiwalay pa sa entrance fee. Thank you in advance.

okay po. Medyo pricey kasi ung inoffer ng wawies resort sakin kasi malaking bangka kaya hanap ako ng plan b hehe. So yung public boat going to maniwaya eh around 10-11am naalis ng buyabod? and yung maniwaya to buyabod naman eh 7am, righ?

From Balanacan port there are jeepneys and vans bound for Sta. Cruz waiting just outside the port. The ride will take about an hour for jeepneys and even less for vans; the distance is about 40 km. Upon arrival at downtown Sta. Cruz ride a trike to Buyabod Port from where you may catch a boat to Maniwaya Island.

Second Route:if you are visiting only Mongpong and Maniwaya Islands this is the more preferred route. Ride a JAC or JAM Liner bus to Lucena Grand Terminal. From there, ride a van to General Luna Port. There is one passenger boat or ferry to Maniwaya which leaves everyday at 10AM and fare is P120. (You may have to pay an additional P20 since at low tide this boat cannot dock at the port and you will have to ride a much smaller boat to reach it.) The boat ride is about an hour long. 041b061a72


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