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Alexander Bailey
Alexander Bailey

Pissed On

Alas, as with everything the far-right touches, it is much darker than that. That tweet followed another (now deleted) tweet: a video of a man having a five-knuckle shuffle before being pissed on at Rio de Janeiro's Carnival. The video was captioned: "I don't feel comfortable showing it, but we have to expose the truth so the population can be aware and always set their priorities. This is what many street carnival groups have become in Brazil."

pissed on

If you want to be angry about something, get pissed at a media culture that goes beserk about bonuses one week and forgets all about them the next. And be worried, quite worried, about a society for whom anger is a form of entertainment.

With Beneil Dariush being pissed off at Charles Oliveira, he plans to make the Brazilian pay for delaying the fight. Although Dariush is ready to go all three rounds, he does think he can finish Oliveira at UFC 288 to secure a title shot. 041b061a72


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