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Youtube Channel Art Template 11

There are 15 million content creators on YouTube and more than 22,000 of them have crossed 1 million subscribers. To make your channel stand out, you need to make it attractive. The YouTube banner is one of your biggest opportunities to do that.

youtube channel art template 11

Download Zip:

The easiest way to start making your YouTube banner is to find a professionally designed template that you can tweak to perfectly fit your channel, your brand and your needs. You can create beautifully branded banner art with little to no design skills.

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Your next step is to simply click on one of the text boxes and start typing to insert your own text. Add in your brand name, your YouTube channel name, your vlogger pseudonym or perhaps the name of a new video series you want to promote.

There's no need to re-position text boxes since these have been placed exactly so that the text appears centered on your YouTube cover. Remember that your most important information needs to be in the very center of your channel art graphic, so it appears on all devices.

Further customize the look of your cover art and strengthen your visual brand by applying your own color scheme and fonts. You want to ensure your channel art perfectly represents your brand, which you can easily do by selecting your specific font and color choices in your brand kit.

You can also change out any of the imagery within your chosen template, like the background image, so that it better matches your brand. Visme offers a variety of free images that you can search through to find the perfect representation.

Add even more decorations in, or swap out the ones included to ensure they match your industry and the types of video content you share on your YouTube channel. Visme's design tools offer a variety of icons and illustrations that will bring your YouTube channel banner template to life.

Create a beautiful YouTube banner design using templates and design elements from Visme's easy-to-use YouTube banner maker. Browse 50 of our YouTube banner templates below to get started, and click the button below each template to start editing for your own channel.

This sunny, summer-themed template is perfect for those offering travel guides in video format. Also, if you are planning to start a travel or any other vlog, here is your complete guide to starting a vlog successfully.

To display your favorite music playlist to your followers, customize this stylish template with your own information. If you are a voice artist, looking to create voiceovers for your channel, here is your complete guide to create video voiceovers like a pro.

Add your own personal flair to your educational channel on teaching tips with this classroom-setting template. Add your branding to this education YouTube banner template and maintain visual consistency.

Personalize your YouTube photography tutorials with this minimalist template comprised of a black-and-white image with easy-to-edit text. If you are just a beginner, here are the top 10 beginner video tips for making professional videos.

There are plenty of YT channels that provide free business tips to those seeking to start their businesses. Make your channel stand out from the crowd with this easy-to-edit education YouTube banner template.

A YouTube banner or YouTube channel art is your YouTube channel's header or cover photo. This is the first thing your audience will see when they land on your channel, so you want to ensure it represents your brand or video content well.

When someone views your YouTube channel on a TV, they will see the full 2560 x 1440 pixels. However, a computer screen only shows the center 2560 x 423, tablets only show the center 1855 x 423 and smartphones only show the center 1546 x 423.

To change your YouTube banner, head over to your YouTube channel, then click the Customize Channel button. Click over to the Branding tab, then click Change to edit or add channel art.

Google and YouTube don't allow users to update their YouTube channel art via mobile. Instead, you'll need to access your channel on a desktop computer and follow the instructions listed in the previous question.

Visme's YouTube channel art maker is the perfect tool for creating a YouTube banner that your audience will love. Start with a template and fully customize the graphic to match your branding, industry and vision. Once you finish your YouTube channel art banner, download the file to your computer.

Finding a YouTube banner creator online that you can use for free or for a much more affordable price point than Adobe Photoshop is key, and Visme is the perfect solution. You can create a beautiful, branded YouTube banner in minutes that will help your channel to stand out.

2048x1152 YouTube banner is the best banner dimension for desktop and mobile. With free and standard 2048x1152 YouTube banner templates and design elements, Fotor's YouTube banner maker is your best choice for creating a striking 2048x1152 YouTube banner. Don't need to start from a blank canvas. Choose one Youtube channel art template, and customize it by adding stickers, changing backgrounds and fonts, replacing text, and so on. Even with no design experience, you can finish an attractive 2048x1152 YouTube banner in a few clicks.

Whether you need to remove backgrounds or duplicate your designs, our YouTube banner maker enables you to make incredible designs easily. Besides, get all the top-notch photo editing features you need to make your YouTube channel art look smashing.

There are more than 37 million YouTube channels, and it is growing every year. So, getting more viewership for your videos is challenging. The easiest way of getting viewers to stop on their tracks and notice you is by using attractive banners. Learn how our YouTube banner maker can grow your channel and viewerships over time.

Select the 'Upload' tab and click on the 'Upload' button. This will open up your file manager. When you're there, just click on the measurement template you've downloaded and click 'OK'.

If your channel is based on a personal brand, it's a good note to add your picture. Even if it's not based on a personal brand, you can add pictures of the people that will be featured on your channel.

While using the 2560px by 1440px size ensures your banner will fit properly on a TV screen, you also need to worry about how your banner will look on desktops and devices. Check out the template below which demonstrates how your banner will display across the varying devices. Again, these safe zones have been incorporated directly into Snappa.

This is a good example of a cover image that captures the essence of the channel. Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy shoot numerous videos with their $150,000 high-speed camera and show them in slow motion. Much slower, in fact, than what the naked eye sees. They always add an element of humour to their videos, which their banner reflects too.

From there on, it is up to your banner to tell your viewers what your channel offers with its style, image, and tagline. For example, if you own a travel channel, your cover art should hint at that theme with its design:

Almost half of all YouTube views come from mobile devices, which means that a small font would be challenging to read for these viewers. Therefore, choosing a bold or large font is a wise move to make. This will ensure that your viewers can see your channel name clearly.

Canva is a simple yet powerful tool to use, drag and drop graphic design tool, offering a rich library of free colours, fonts, illustrations, images, and templates. You can upload images of your choice or pick from premium images too.

Visme makes it easy to create great designs, with an extensive collection of 50+ free templates and hundreds of fonts. Additionally, a bank of free images, filters, frames, vector icons, editable colour schemes, and other customisable shapes can help add life to your banner.

Formerly known as Bannersnack, Creatopy is a user-friendly banner maker. The availability of pre-baked templates and in-built assets such as text presets, fonts, clipart, and more can help you quickly design your banner.

Venngage is an incredible, user-friendly tool. Start your design from scratch or customise the built-in templates to get the banner of your dreams. The design tool also boasts a collection of stock photos, illustrations, and icons. Alternatively, you can add your own images, logos, and other important design elements.

Abobe Express (formerly Adobe Spark) is another intuitive design tool. Its drag and drop system makes it super easy to make banners in a few simple steps. The tool offers several predefined banner templates to get you started. Customise the template, theme, layout, alignment, and text to create a banner that aligns with your branding. Adobe Express also gives you the option to upload your images.

Coming in at number ten on our best YouTube Banner maker list is FotoJet. This free graphic designer is uniquely developed to help you convert your photos into stunning posters, photo cards, collages, and social media illustrations like YouTube channel headers.

Your banner art will be the first thing people see when they arrive at your channel, so it's important to make sure it's eye-catching and represents your brand well. This gives you the best chance to build an audience and share your content with the world.

Photoshop is one of the most popular paid tools for creating channel art. It offers a number of advanced features and if you have any experience with it, it's going to be your favorite option by far to customize YouTube banners.


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