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Adrian Lee
Adrian Lee

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Online Down...

Realistically simulating a modern military operation is no easy task. Every element, from the top-level command communication down to the way you reload your gun must be accurately tuned to create a believably engaging experience. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising takes on this formidable challenge, and, for the most part, it succeeds quite well. The campaign is made up of long, tense missions in which you and your squad must traverse kilometers of terrain at a methodical pace, engaging enemies from long range and responding to dynamic battlefield conditions. Success requires patience and execution, and the reward for a completed mission is a strong sense of hard-won satisfaction. While most of the game elements combine to create a realistic atmosphere, there are some issues that hamper your immersion. Some sundry bugs will catch your attention, but the most notable problems occur in the behavior of your allies and enemies, whose battlefield awareness takes some awkward stumbles. Fortunately, you can ditch your computer allies for human ones in the four-player online cooperative mode. There are also two competitive multiplayer modes that offer a more action-packed experience and provide better opportunities to utilize your command abilities. Despite the issues that threaten to steer it off course, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising stays on mission and provides a tough, yet rewarding, tactical experience.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising online Down...



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