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Saw 3 Full Movie Tamil Dubbed In Hd

Saw 3 Full Movie Tamil Dubbed In Hd

Saw 3 is a 2006 American horror film directed by Darren Lynn Bousman and written by Leigh Whannell and James Wan. It is the third installment in the Saw franchise and stars Tobin Bell, Shawnee Smith, Angus Macfadyen, Bahar Soomekh, and Dina Meyer.

The film follows Jigsaw (Bell), a terminally ill serial killer who kidnaps a doctor (Soomekh) to keep him alive while he watches his new apprentice (Smith) put an unlucky citizen (Macfadyen) through a brutal test.

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Saw 3 was released on October 27, 2006, and was a commercial success, grossing $164.9 million worldwide. It received mixed reviews from critics, who praised the performances, direction, and twists, but criticized the gore, violence, and plot holes.

Saw 3 Tamil Dubbed Version

Saw 3 was dubbed in Tamil and released in India on November 10, 2006. The Tamil version was titled "Saw 3: Thiraiyil Vizhuntha Thirudan" (Saw 3: The Thief Who Fell Into The Screen). The voice actors for the Tamil version were:

  • Jigsaw - Ravi Shankar

  • Amanda - Nithya Menen

  • Jeff - Karthi

  • Lynn - Anushka Shetty

  • Kerry - Priyamani

The Tamil version was well-received by the audience, who enjoyed the suspense, thrill, and horror of the film. The Tamil version also had some changes from the original version, such as:

  • The dialogues were modified to suit the local culture and slang.

  • Some scenes were censored or cut to avoid controversy or objection from the censor board.

  • Some scenes were added or extended to increase the entertainment value and appeal to the mass audience.

How to Watch Saw 3 Tamil Dubbed Version in HD

If you are a fan of Saw 3 and want to watch the Tamil dubbed version in HD quality, you have several options:

  • You can buy or rent the DVD or Blu-ray of Saw 3 Tamil dubbed version from online or offline stores. This is the best option if you want to enjoy the film on a big screen with high-quality sound and picture.

  • You can stream or download Saw 3 Tamil dubbed version from online platforms such as YouTube, Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, etc. This is a convenient option if you want to watch the film on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. However, you may need to pay a subscription fee or rent the film depending on the platform.

  • You can search for Saw 3 Tamil dubbed version on torrent sites or other illegal sources. This is a risky option as you may face legal issues or malware attacks. Moreover, the quality of the film may be poor or corrupted. We do not recommend this option as it is unethical and illegal.

We hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new about Saw 3 and its Tamil dubbed version. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below. Thank you for reading!


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