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Rpes 2013 V2 Torent

RPES 2013 v2: The Ultimate Patch for Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

If you are a fan of Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 and you want to enjoy the most realistic and complete experience of the Romanian football league, then you should definitely try RPES 2013 v2. This patch is created by, the oldest and most respected PES community in Romania, and it contains everything you need to transform your game into a true simulation of the Liga 1 and Liga 2.

RPES 2013 v2 is not just a simple update of the previous version, but a whole new patch that brings many improvements and additions to the game. Some of the features of RPES 2013 v2 are:

Download File:

  • Updated rosters for all teams in RPES 2013 (until season 14/15) Liga 1, Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Liga BBVA, Serie A, Liga Sagres, Brasilerao and all other teams in the game with updated rosters

  • Liga 2 composed of 18 teams, the most important ones from the two series

  • PSD stats for all teams in the game

  • Kits, emblems, rankings, stadium names corrected for all teams in the game

  • Over 2000 faces in the game (we are the first at this chapter)

  • Complete GDBs for many teams in the game, clubs and national teams

  • In EDIT mode - 8 stadiums from Liga 1 and some stadiums from Liga 2

  • The stadiums: Ghencea, MediaÅ, Valentin StÄnescu, Emil Alexandrescu, Dr. Constantin RÄdulescu, CeahlÄul, Ilie OanÄ, NaÅional Arena, Vaslui and OÅelul (all 3D)

  • Chants (crowd sounds) for most foreign teams in the game and for all Romanian teams

  • Scoreboard DIGISport exclusively created by JohnnyUSA

  • Realistic advertising boards for stadiums in Romania created by JohnnyUSA

  • Romanian commentary created by oops_sergiu & DRZU

  • Romanian music in menu

  • Customized menu branded PESRomania

  • Romanian adboards in ML

  • Customized graphics PESRomania and DIGISport in ML

  • New boots

  • New balls

  • New menu

  • New turf

  • Official referee kits from Liga 1

  • DIGISport 2 broadcasts Champions League, ProTV broadcasts Europa League, TVR1 broadcasts European Super Cup

  • Compatibility with Online mode, you will not need to have two installations of Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 (one for Online, one for playing RPES)

  • Now both crowds will sing during a match, both Guests and Hosts

Additions/Changes/Bugfixes compared to RPES2013/RPES2013 CE:

  • New songs in RPES2013 tracklist

  • Over 50 stadiums from abroad (full 3D)

  • Updates brought to some player faces already present in the patch + New player faces, both from Romania and abroad

  • Kits brought up to date (release date of patch) both for Romanian teams and for some foreign teams

  • Real electronic ads for most stadiums in the game

If you want to download RPES 2013 v2 torent, you can visit the official website of or use one of these links:

[RPES 2013 - PESRomania]


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