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Julian Mironov
Julian Mironov

The 7th Guest: 25th Anniversary Edition Full ((FULL)) Crack [full Version]

Microïds and Paul Cuisset are pleased to announce that Flashback, the classic action-adventure game consistently ranked among the best 100 games of all time, will be available on Nintendo Switch starting June 7th, 2018. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Super Nintendo version of game, Microïds is releasing a Collector's Edition (in Europe and Australia), which includes the game in physical edition, a retro cartridge style metal case, an exclusive numbered metal card, a 24-page retro-style instruction booklet, the digital soundtrack (remastered version). Pre-orders are now open!

The 7th Guest: 25th Anniversary Edition Full Crack [full Version]

Meanwhile, at the Warrior Dome, Badonna reveals that Draven's army was defeated, so Odius orders that Draven be Gigantified. As soon as Draven becomes gigantic, he fires his final Mega-Arrow at the sky. However, Tommy Oliver morphs into white and his Falcon Zord catches the Mega-Arrow. The other Rangers shoot Draven from the ground and the Falcon Zord plunges the final Mega-Arrow into Draven, destroying him. The crack in the barrier is fully repaired.


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