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Julian Mironov
Julian Mironov

[S3E12] Protection [REPACK]

Daniels orders his men to knock before entry as he believes a frontal assault will be met with heavy resistance. Inside Gerard reports to Avon that Stanfield is still at the rim shop but his bodyguards have left him with minimal protection. As they talk the raid begins. Avon orders Perry not to shoot at the police and tells Gerard to let the police in. Perry tries to claim that weapons are all his. McNulty tells Avon that he will serve the rest of his original sentence for the parole violation at the very least. Avon refuses to be afraid of the prison time offering his old adage that he will serve two days, the day he goes in and the day he gets out. McNulty shows Avon the search warrant, carefully pointing out the source of the information.

[S3E12] Protection




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