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Adrian Lee
Adrian Lee

Knotty Knotty Great Dane

Our venue features a large, welcoming fireplace, exposed knotty pine hardwood, rustic beams, corrugated steel, and incandescent lighting that casts a warm, inviting glow. We welcome our guests to bring in the vendors of their choice. Knotty Pine Venue is handicap accessible, open year-round, and offers heating and air conditioning for the comfort of your guests.

knotty knotty great dane

Chilton was flanked around the conference table by three other respected American historians. To his left perched Professor Larry Smith, a tight-lipped, tweedy junior faculty economist, who asked knotty questions designed to indicate to the senior professors his authority and expertise. Connie glowered at him; twice already in the exam he had asked questions probing where he knew her knowledge was scanty. She supposed that that was his job, but he was the only committee member likely to recall his own qualifying exams. Perhaps she had been naïve to expect solidarity from him; oftentimes professors of his rank were the hardest on grad students, as if to make up for the indignities they felt themselves to have suffered. He smiled back at her primly.

Far from succumbing to humanitiy's lowest instincts, Bailyn's colonial Americans were animated by intense social attachments and rich cosmologies, sometimes misguided and paranoid, but rarely a reflection of raw self-interest or crude fear. In Bailyn's hands, seventeenth-century merchants became the affective agents of social order; revolutionary radicals struggled with the horrifying conviction that the moral fabric of their communities was unravelling; American Loyalists were defenders not of place or profit, but of custom and law; and, finally, eighteenth-century immigrants crossed the Atlantic driven by a knotty mix of personal and historical circumstances,...


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