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Sound Ideas €? Birds Sound Effects [Hot Ideas] WAV

Sound Ideas is a company that produces commercially-available sound effect libraries and production music libraries. It was founded in 1978 by Brian Nimens, and is headquartered in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. It is one of the most popular stock audio library brands, alongside The Hollywood Edge (whose libraries Sound Ideas acquired for distribution after The Hollywood Edge filed for bankruptcy in 2014.)

Sound Ideas – Birds Sound Effects [Hot Ideas] WAV

The Sound Ideas General HD 3 Sound Effects Collection on Hard Drive has contains exactly 5,464 high definition sound effects to extend your sound library. The General HD sound libraries from Sound Ideas are high definition sound libraries, recorded in 24 bit / 96 kHz.

The General HD 3 sound library provides a nice collection of vehicle sounds, science fiction sound effects, world ambiences from Brazil, India, Japan, Turkey, Ukraine, China and more. Also you will find sport sounds, industrial and construction sounds, indoor, outdoor and stadium crowd, some sounds from flamethrowers, explosions and other interesting stuff.

This overview lists the sound effects categories of the Sound Ideas General HD 3 Sound Effects Library according to the original track list. This list is based on the original metadata from the products sound files and allows a simple and easy way to import the files into your sound library administration software like Soundminer.

The Soundminer programs offer comprehensive tools and features for a modern workflow to administrate, search, find and transfer soundfiles directly to your editing system. Never heard of it? Read more about the industry-standard production system Soundminer and why it will make your editing day faster and easier than ever before!

Explore the vast number of The Hollywood Edge sound effects libraries available from a variety of different categories - from Ambiences, Cartoon sounds, Sci Fi, and Sports to Vehicles and Weapons and everything in between. There's enough sound effect material here to keep your productions humming for years! These collections are available from the Sound Ideas site. Clicking on the product image will bring you to the product page at Sound Ideas, where there are additional details, as well as the ability to purchase the product.

Designed sound effects from many feature films including Star Trek, The Hunt for Red October, The Little Mermaid, Poltergeist, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Stargate, and Back to the Future 2 & 3. Learn more

More than 700 animal sounds - drawn from the best nature programs produced for television. Exotic birds, horses, leopard, monkeys, llamas, rhinoceros, sheep, sea lions & penguins, to name a few. Learn more

An extensive sound effects library filled to the brim, with over 1200 tough-to-record animal sounds - from exotics and endangered species, all the way to domestic animals of every persuasion. Learn more

A collection of incredibly hard-to-find sound effects as well as the sounds of broken or busted items - rattles and exhausted motors, bad clocks and short circuits, air conditioner rattles and more. Learn more

Sounds with explosive energy (for example the gunshot sounds for the big battle in Starship Troopers and Tomb Raider) and the great outdoors (includes recordings & sound design for Twister) Learn more

180 High Quality sound effects, including drones, horror & suspense, fantasy, sci fi, atmospheres, communications, water, animals, transportation, crowds, machinery, fighter jets and helicopters. Learn more

The absolute finest environmental textures and effects - 173 Atmospheric and Ambience Sound Effects - thunder, rain, and wind as well as quintessential sounds from the Middle East, Europe and Asia. Learn more

Sports sound effects: baseball, football, basketball, ice hockey and more. Heavy body hits, line crunches, baseball bat cracks, and football flying spirals are all a part of this "game-day" collection. Learn more

The Edge Team has gone into that deep, dark place, where ghouls, ghosts, goblins and things go bump in the night hide, and pulled from it the most frightening and haunting sounds ever captured. Learn more

Includes many of the sounds that helped win the Academy Award for sound on the film "BRAVEHEART" - Horses & Armies, Beheadings, Castles & Monasteries, Mythical Creatures, Courtyards and more. Learn more

The flagship sound effects collection of The Hollywood Edge is The Premiere Edition - full length variations of rainstorms and ambient nature sounds - you won't waste valuable time looping sounds. Learn more

A comprehensive addition to Premiere Editions 1 and 2, this effects library will round out even the most complete effects collections - it meets and surpasses expectations for high quality sound effects. Learn more

Contains actual sound effects from some of Hollywood's biggest feature films: great room tones, cloth movement, new computers, hi-tech sounds, real and Foley rain, and wood and metal scrapes of every kind. Learn more

Premiere Edition 6 delves into exotic and era-specific sounds in all sorts of categories - antique aircraft and modern military weaponry, unheard of exotic nature backgrounds and public event ambiences. Learn more

This download collection contains hundreds of original vehicle and moving machine sound effects was recorded for the soundtracks of a wide range of films from war pictures to period dramas. Learn more


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