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Cursed Opportunities(2009 Short Film)

Eli Roth directed the film-within-the-film, "Nation's Pride". Quentin Tarantino asked Roth to direct the short, and Roth requested his brother Gabriel Roth join him to direct behind a second camera, to which Tarantino agreed. In two days, the brothers got one hundred thirty camera set-ups, and Tarantino was so pleased, he gave Roth a third day that he was originally planning to shoot with Daniel Brühl. Roth got fifty more set-ups the third day, much to Tarantino's delight. The total running time of the short is five minutes and thirty seconds, and was always intended to feel like pieces of a longer film, not a coherent short.

Cursed Opportunities(2009 Short Film)


Ju-on is a Japanese horror film series, directed by Takashi Shimizu. There are currently nine films in the series, including a crossover film, as well as two short films (Katasumi/In A Corner and 4444444444), which were released prior to the first film (and are featured on the Director's Cut DVD release of the first remake as special features).

In 2009, feelplus developed a Wii game based on the franchise known in the US as Ju-on: The Grudge Haunted House Simulator. Storyline-wise, it is unconnected to any of the films or shorts, and it tells an original story about a family of four who find themselves facing Kayako and Toshio's curse in an episodic fashion.

Even if Halloween is your favorite spooky holiday, that doesn't mean it's the scariest. In this anthology of short horror films, Holidays gives other holidays their own terrifying tales. The Easter bunny is anything but cuddly. Unrequited crushes get a bloody tribute on Valentine's Day. And shopping for the ultimate Christmas gift takes on a truly dark turn. Even Mother's Day gets a witchy makeover.

Before the creation of Ju-on, Shimizu initially worked on short horror films. In 1997, at the suggestion of Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Shimizu was asked to direct a couple fo short segments for Haunted School G (Gakkô no Kaidan G, 1998), part of Kansai TV's hit series. Kurosawa, one of Shimizu's film school lecturers, had been involved with the series since 1994 and put his student's name forward as a pontential contributor. Shimizu met actress Takako Fuji at a theater and, according to him, he knew she was "perfect for" his ghost "as soon as she walked out on stage".[1] Shimizu then produced two three-minute short segments, Katasumi and 4444444444, in which the characters of Kayako and Toshio Saeki were introduced respectively. Ringu producer Takashige Ichise and a distribution deal with Toei video enabled Shimizu to expand the two Haunted School G short films in Shimizu's first full length films, Ju-on: The Curse and The Curse 2. Ringu's scriptwriter Hiroshi Takahashi served as Shimizu's "creative consultant".[2]

The first Ju-on follows the lives of the people connected to a house in Nerima, Tokyo where a gruesome murder of a housewife occurred. School teacher Shunsuke Kobayashi visits the home of his absent student, Toshio, where he discovers the boy beaten and bruised. He waits for Toshio's parents to come. He realizes what the Saeki family has become and is killed, his wife and unborn child being murdered by Kayako's crazed husband Takeo after he learnt Kayako had a stalker-like crush on Kobayashi. He is in killed by Kayako's ghost. The movie also explores the fates of the next family to live in the house, the Murakami family, as well as two people who come into contact with them. This timeline of the film also extends the stories of Tsuyoshi and Kanna from Gakkō no kaidan G. The last timeline shows a snippet of Suzuki Kyoko's experience, a psychic invited by her brother to look into the house that he was going to sell, which was the cursed Saeki house.

Director James Cameron says he cursed out a studio executive prior to Avatar's release. Cameron wrote and directed Avatar, which hit theaters in 2009. The film starred Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Sam Worthington, Michelle Rodriguez, and Stephen Lang. Avatar was a hit with critics and audiences, and over the course of several re-releases, has earned over $2.9 billion worldwide. Now, Avatar: The Way of Water is due to hit theaters in December, with it intended to be the first of four sequels.

While speaking with GQ, Cameron recalled an incident with an executive before the release of Avatar. According to the director, an unnamed studio executive asked him to shorten the film's lengthy 162-minute runtime. Cameron's response was one of cursing while explaining that the movie was going to be a huge success. After the heated exchange, the director told the executive "to get the f**k out of my office," which is where the conversation ended. Check out Cameron's comments about cursing out an Avatar executive below:

Tim McClelland is a TV/Movie News Writer for Screen Rant. His screenplays have accrued more than 25 awards and selections in competition, including Best Original Screenplay at the 2021 Hollywood Blood Horror Festival and Best Horror Feature Screenplay 2020 from Bridge Fest, with his work being hailed as "complex, layered, and bloodcurdling." He got his start when his short biography of Augusten Burroughs was published in 2008, and his career has seen him write video game walkthroughs, web content, and interactive fiction for mobile platforms. He even found himself with one of those nifty IMDB credits for a short film he wrote.Tim resides in Durham, NC, with a rabid passion for film, TV, video games, and comics, all of which he owns way too many of, and those collections are only rivaled by his overabundance of LEGO. He also happens to be an ordained Dudeist Priest, working to spread The Big Lebowski's relaxed worldly philosophy, "Just take it easy, man." Find Tim on Letterboxd or Twitter as tdm5003.

Known For : Frédéric Choffat is a short film producer from Switzerland. He studied photography in Lausanne, before going on to learn cinematography. His initially short films have been succeeded by his 2007 La Vraie Vie est Ailleurs (The True Life is Elsewhere). This has gained him some recognition in Germany and Canada.

A massive ship emerges from the grey and unnatural fog. The HMS Dauntless, the pride of the British Royal Navy, is sailing on a voyage from England to the British settlement of Port Royal, Jamaica. While the Dauntless sailed through the Caribbean Sea, young Elizabeth Swann (Lucinda Dryzek) stands at the bow rail, gazing at the sea while singing a pirate shanty. One of the sailors, Joshamee Gibbs (Kevin McNally), warned her about "cursed pirates" and, after Lieutenant Norrington (Jack Davenport) intervened, stated his superstition about singing about pirates in the unnatural fog. Although Elizabeth expressed her fascination for the subject of piracy, both Norrington and her father, Governor Swann (Jonathan Pryce), showed their concern, with Norrington stating that he intended to see all pirates get "a short drop and a sudden stop".


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