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Adobe Flash Player Released

Adobe released Flash Player version Changelog for the update is unavailable till now. You can also receive the version this evening via Windows update if critical security hole has been fixed.

Adobe Flash Player Released


I started getting concerned however when I launched the new installer. Using "install_flash_player_osx.dmg", the text, sequence of steps, the download bars and graphic designs were considerably different from all prior install experiences, Some screenshots:

Another difference is that the previous Flash Verison 32 installer ("AdobeFlashPlayer_32_ast_install.dmg") is only 803KB in size. The most recent installer ("install_flash_player_osx.dmg") is 14.5MB in size.

Another difference: I own multiple Macs and the install behavior for Flash was different on my other Macs. For computers running 10.12.6, the "AdobeFlashPlayer_32_ast_install.dmg" installer downloads from Adobe. On my Mac running 10.14.6 (which I believe is now infected,) the "install_flash_player_osx.dmg" installer downloads from the same Adobe webpage.

On the 10.14.6 Mac, it looks like I am being redirected each time I land on the " " download page. The redirection occurs immediately after the page loads. The URL at the top of the pate does not change, but the "Install Now" button (which appears linked to the "AdobeFlashPlayer_32_ast_install.dmg" installer) will switch immediately from a "Install Now" button to a "Download now" button linked to the different, larger "install_flash_player_osx.dmg" installer.

The search service can find package by either name (apache),provides(webserver), absolute file names (/usr/bin/apache),binaries (gprof) or shared libraries ( instandard path. It does not support multiple arguments yet... The System and Arch are optional added filters, for exampleSystem could be "redhat", "redhat-7.2", "mandrake" or "gnome", Arch could be "i386" or "src", etc. depending on your system. System Arch RPM resource flash-player-pluginAdobe Flash Player plugin for browsers.This package installs the PPAPI version and a freshplayerplugin wrapperso that it will work on NPAPI browsers as well.NOTE: This package does not contain the Flash Player itself. Thesoftware will be automatically downloaded from Adobe during packageinstallation.Installing this package indicates acceptance of the Flash Player EULA,available at and at/usr/lib64/chromium-browser/PepperFlash/doc/license.pdf after installation.

In that case, I don't know why Firefox would tell users Flash is outdated (comment 0). I re-installed old Flash versions and, but didn't see the red outdated icon when testing Flash on -player.html.


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