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WARNING: This is a story that includes sex in church, biblical quotes and a Minister who uses his power to sleep with high school students, married women and eventually his daughter...if such things offend you please don't read. (Also, the scripture is used out of context as the story is about a Minister who manipulates the Bible and the gullibility of women of faith to make them his personal playthings).WARNING 2: Did I mention this story may offend?WARNING 3: It was inspired by a true story of a Minister who used his power to sleep with teenage girls and married woman...that said, this story takes it to a whole new level of twisted.Summary: Virgin daughter is trained to be a slut by her minister dad.Note 1: Thanks to Wilt for the artwork made especially for this story as well as the rather twisted idea that led to this lengthy tale of sexual debauchery.Note 2: This is a Halloween 2014 contest story.Note 3: Thanks to MAB7991, goamz86, and Robert for editing this story.Note 4: All characters are at least 18-years-old...the main teenager exactly 18-years-old as she turns 18 on Halloween.Minister Harper was listening to two of his parishioners' marital problems. After forty minutes, he decided to suggest something rather radical. "May I be blunt with you two?"They both nodded, "Of course, Minister Harper.""James, you want your wife to be more spontaneous in the bedroom, correct?""Yes.""And Eleanor, you want him to be more passionate and open, correct?""Yes.""Tomorrow is Halloween," Minister Harper began."Don't you mean Fall Festival?" Eleanor corrected, surprised to hear him refer to it as Halloween without mentioning Satan's birthday."Correct, in Angelwood it's Fall Festival, correct," he nodded, thinking of how wholesome he had made the small town since coming here ten years ago. "But in Rockwell, it's Halloween and I am suggesting you two go out on the town for the evening and go to Mr. Hamilton's Halloween bash. Dress up sexy, Eleanor. James, hold her hand in public, kiss her, show her you still find her attractive.""Really?" Eleanor said. "But Rockwell is so...."The minister interrupted her. "Rockwell is a good place, with a few misguided individuals. That said, the Halloween party held by Mr. Hamilton is always a very good time. We have been going for years, after the activities here have been completed.""Really?" Eleanor asked again, shocked that the Minister would go to a Halloween party.Ignoring the question, he continued, "Eleanor you are a very beautiful woman and I have to agree with your husband, you hide it very well.""But I'm trying to be a proper lady," she pointed out."I understand," he nodded, "and it's likely partly my fault because I talk about temptation so much. But when a man and a woman love each other, you must be willing to give yourself to the other completely.""Okay," Eleanor agreed tentatively, although still skeptical."Eleanor, I see your hesitation, and that's why I made the suggestion to go to Rockwell. Dress up as a sultry nurse, wear thigh high stockings, and get a bit wild. Recapture the lust you two once had for each other," he continued, knowing the advice seemed so contradictory to his hell and brimstone sermons.James took her hand and added, "I still remember when I first saw you in that Batgirl costume back in college,"Eleanor blushed."Relive that moment," Minister Harper suggested."Okay," Eleanor nodded.James stood up, "Thank you, Minister Harper.""Yes, thank you," Eleanor agreed, a spark of her youthful sexuality beginning to show."Enjoy the night and, for one night, just do what comes naturally," Minister Harper finished, before adding, "And James, I'd like to meet with you one on one someday soon.""Okay," James agreed, although not sure why.The couple left, hand in hand, and as soon as the door closed he groaned, "Straddle me, slut."The eighteen year old high school student, head cheerleader and daughter of Eleanor and James took the Minister's cock out of her mouth, her jaw aching, from having been slowly sucking him, and having already swallowed one load during the almost hour long session.She had listened intently to her parents' marital problems, including discussion about her, all the while slowly sucking the Minister's nine inch cock. She had almost gagged when the first load surprised her, as it exploded in her mouth, yet she swallowed it all and continued sucking as instructed before her parents arrived.Not wearing panties, as instructed, and with her plaid skirt hiked up, she straddled the Minister's erect massive rod and lowered herself onto it obediently. The Minister was hot for a man in his late forties, he had a huge cock, bigger than any of the college boys she had fucked, and he knew how to make her squeal like an insatiable bitch in heat."So, did you learn anything?" Minister Harper asked, as he leaned back in his chair and let the pretty blonde bounce on his cock."A loooooot," the beautiful blue eyed blonde cheerleader Katie moaned, as all nine inches filled her wet, wanton, cunt."I bet if you want to fuck your Dad, he wouldn't resist, especially based on how frigid your mother has become," he said, a seed he had planted a couple weeks ago after coating her face with cum during a marathon session where he fucked all three of her holes."I donnnnn't know," she moaned, the idea so taboo and morally wrong that it made her even hornier. Fucking a Minster was taboo and hot, which got her off, but the idea of fucking her own father was a whole other level of taboo...not one she was sure she could do."I think you do," he countered, knowing that young sluts like her would do almost anything if pushed to it, if given the right this case, his cock."Would you fuck Eve?" She asked, throwing the incest thing back in his court. Eve was the Minister's very wholesome daughter, who was oblivious to the long line of teenage and MILF sluts who were regularly riding her father's cock.Eve was equally oblivious to the many boys who, with regularity, fucked her mother, often while she was home, or to the few bi girls or lesbians who occasionally ate her mother's cunt. Ironically, Eve was one of the few oblivious to the naughty secrets of the community.The Minister laughed, because he had plans to take his daughter's cherry tomorrow, "Let's focus on you, my little cheerleading slut.""Kkkkkk," she moaned, now riding with reckless abandon on his big thick cock, taking all nine inches as deep as humanly possible, as she began simultaneously rubbing her clit as she knew the inevitable eruption of lust was about to hit.A couple of minutes later, her orgasm near, the Minister lifted her up effortlessly, bent her over his desk and slammed his cock into her tight ass. The first time she had gotten ass fucked she thought she would die, but after weekly fucks, she loved it in the ass and came the hardest when used as the slut she was, the slut the religious leader had created. "Oh yes, fuck my asssssss," she screamed, as her orgasm came after only a few strokes."Do you think your mother would take it in the ass?" He asked, the idea of taking the rather prudish mother of three and making her an ass slut was a turn-on. In truth, every conquest, every transformation from upright wife to on their knees begging to suck his cock, legs behind their ears as he slammed his cock in their cunt, screaming to the heavens above as he took their anal cherry and coating their pure, sweet face with a sticky rocket of his cum, was the most exhilarating thing ever. Every seduction was different, but every result was always the same. A women willing to do anything, anytime, to serve have his cock in any of their three fuck holes."I beeeet you could couuuld convince heeeeer," she struggled to get out. Her body pulsed with intensity as her orgasm hit and he continued slamming deep into her. She recalled how he had convinced her to not only offer her ass up to him, but had her begging to be sodimized for the first time, something she wouldn't let any of the college boys do to her.Yet, his cock was like a magic wand and once you saw it, had it in your hands; you wanted it in your mouth; once in your mouth, you wanted if in your cunt; and once in your cunt, you eventually wanted it in your ass. His strong persona, confident demeanour, sexy smile, and firm tone were utterly irresistible, which was proved by the lengthy list of married woman who had given him access to all three holes (most who were true Christians and morally upright ladies) and the plethora of teenagers and college girls who had lost their anal virginity to him."Maybe I'll make her my personal slut for under my desk," he groaned, as his second orgasm was getting close and he continued fucking her ass even as her juices flooded out of her cunt. The idea of adding the slut's mother and then eventually making the two lesbian lovers was, as usual, appealing. Although Eleanor dressed and acted very conservative, a perfect church going loyal follower, he knew that he could turn her into a submissive slut like he had her daughter and so many of the other fine, upright, women of his seemingly religious community."Nooooo, that's my job," she whined, loving that she was clearly his favourite slut, the one he called upon the most; although she was oblivious to his other favourite slut Beth or that he planned to add his crowning achievement, his shy, naive, daughter, to his growing harem of submissive cum buckets tomorrow during the Fall Festival."Well, be a good slut and seduce your father," he instructed, loving to see good girls turned to sluts, sluts turned into anal loving whores and anal loving whores willing to commit incest just to please him. There were already five families regularly committing incest in this small town and all of that had started because of him. He could see through a woman's prude exterior, her training of propriety she had received her whole life, and see the inner slut, the bad girl, who was begging to be released. A sixth family, his own, would be added to the growing list tomorrow once he added his daughter, who was turning eighteen on Halloween, to his lengthy list of submissive sluts."Kkkkkk," Katie agreed mindlessly, knowing she would do anything to please him, to stay his favourite, to regularly get his big cock."Tell me what you plan to do," he demanded, continuing to ream the cheerleader's ass so hard, the desk began to move. Wanting to get even deeper into the cheerleader's tight ass, he lifted her left leg onto his desk onto his desk. He loved to be able to touch and see the silk stockings on her leg which often was the final straw to getting him to shoot his load...especially since he already deposited one big load down her throat only half an hour ago."I'll seduce my daddyyyyyyy," she declared, the idea turning her on now, plus she would do anything to keep getting fucked by the Minister."Good slut," he complimented, before asking, "Does my slut want my cum?""God, yes," she screamed, knowing that screaming the Lord's name only enhanced her devilish act, and desperately wanting to feel him come in her ass, in her cunt, down her throat or all over her face. The dirtier the act, the hotter it was and the more intense her orgasm was."Here it comes, my dirty Christian girl," he declared, as he spewed his first rocket of cum in her ass tight ass. Pulling his cock out, his cum squirted everywhere: on her stocking-clad legs that she always wore as instructed, on her beautiful shaved cunt, onto his desk and even, ironically, some landed on his Holy Bible. He slammed his cock back into her ass, loving the feeling of his cum spraying in a tight ass and everywhere else."Yes, fill my ass with your cummmmmm," Katie screamed, loving the feeling of being filled with cum in any of her three fuck holes...a term she now used at the insistence of the Minister.After a couple more deep pumps, the Minister pulled out, spun the slut onto her knees and fucked her face so she could retrieve any last remnants of his seed.Katie slowly bobbed on the big cock, loving the combined taste of his cum and her ass juices, knowing that he enjoyed a slow milking once he had come."You really are a good slut, Katie," he complimented, putting his fingers through her hair.She moaned on his cock, a sexy thank you as she continued slowly bobbing back and forth, worshipping God through the Minister's cock.A couple minutes later, he pulled his cock out of the eager cocksucker's mouth and instructed, "Now, go clean yourself up and head home.""Yes, sir," she agreed, standing back up and scooping the cum off the desk. "Hmmm, missed some," she said, before, like a good slut, she put the cum in her mouth."There's some on the Bible too," Dylan pointed out.Katie leaned down, her perfect ass on full display, and licked the cum off the Bible. Dylan's cock flinched, but he wasn't ready for a third deposit at the moment...even though it was tempting."Now, go start the plan to seduce your father," he ordered."And you start your plan to seduce my mother," she countered back."Already in motion," he nodded, the earlier request for a meeting with just her part of the plan."Delicious," she nodded."The plan or my cum?" he questioned."Well, both of course," she smiled devilishly.Once she was gone, Minister Harper finished up some paper work and headed home, his plan to give his daughter the ultimate eighteenth birthday present already under way......"You want me to wear a devil costume at the Fall Festival?" Eve asked, looking at the rather skimpy all red attire."Yes," her mother nodded. "It's part of your father's plan to cleanse you from the misfortune of being born on the devil's birthday." Eve's mother wasn't lying, but the cleansing that her husband had in mind was going to be very shocking to her naive daughter."Okay," Eve nodded. She had been told for years that on her eighteenth birthday her father planned to correct the misfortune fate brought upon her by being born on the devil's birthday by performing a ceremony that would cleanse any potential sin that lay in her. Eve, knowing that the devil's sin could be buried inside her, had done everything she could to lead a wholesome life. She had never dated a boy, even though many had been interested and had spent her entire life walking in the footsteps of God."Tomorrow is a big day," her mother, who was an older replica of her daughter, declared."I can't wait," Eve said, very excited to have the demons that may be inside her exorcized, so the temptation of sin would no longer consume her...a temptation that had grown over the past few months. Although she hadn't been with a boy, she often fantasized about them. Her vagina would tingle with need and she would have to really focus on not wanting to touch herself. Yet, she knew it was just the devil tempting her, and that rationale was all that was needed to resist the constant temptation.Her mother smiled as she offered, "Now go get the table ready for dinner, your father should be home any minute.""Yes, Mother," her sweet, obedient daughter agreed......That night, Minister Harper, as he always did, came to kiss his daughter goodnight. After kissing her forehead he promised, "By midnight tomorrow, my dear, you will be completely free of the chains of sin.""Oh, Daddy, I can't wait," his naive daughter replied."Me neither," he replied, knowing tomorrow he would turn his little girl into a woman......In his bedroom, his submissive wife waited on her knees by the side of the bed for her husband to arrive. Dressed in a school girl outfit, one of five she rotated every day to please her husband's constant fantasy at bedtime, which included her wearing thigh high stockings and putting her hair in pigtails, like her daughter often wore. She patiently waited for the fucking she anticipated she would get the night before her daughter's initiation to sexual submission.Minister Dylan Harper walked into his room, went up to his beautiful, submissive wife Lilly, dropped his pyjamas and shoved his cock in her mouth. "So close," he began, as he started fucking his wife's face.When he pulled out after a couple of minutes, Lilly asked, tasting pussy on her husband's cock, "Is this Beth's or Katie's cunt juice on your dick?"Dylan laughed, "You do know your pussy.""That's not an answer," she teased, stroking her husband's cock."Do the two taste similar?" He asked, as he pulled up his wife."Not really," she shrugged, "they are just your two favourites."He laughed, as he pushed her onto the bed, "You do know me." He decided he would have Beth, his daughter's best friend, and most recent addition to his teenage slut club just a few weeks ago, be a part of tomorrow's seduction of his daughter."That I do," Lilly agreed, annoyed he didn't answer the question, as she got on all fours knowing that her husband loved to do her doggy style...the only question was which hole he planned to fuck."Tomorrow you get your own live-in pussy pleaser," Dylan said, as he climbed onto the bed behind her."I already have lots of eager pussy pleasers," Lilly pointed out, having been eaten by the principal of the school earlier today while she was there for a PTA meeting."Who munched your cunt today?" He asked, as he positioned his cock at her ass."Wouldn't you like to know," Lilly teased, wiggling her ass teasingly on his cock."It's Thursday, which means PTA meeting, which likely means Principal Peck," he deducted, as his cock slipped inside her very tight back door."Ohhhh, God," she groaned, even after all these years of getting sodomized (the first time being her own father when she was nineteen, beginning her life of submission to the men she loved), the initial penetration still caused a slight burn."That's it slut, praise The Lord," the Minister remarked, as he slid all nine inches inside his wife's well fucked, yet shockingly still tight, back door.""Thank you, Lordddd," she moaned, loving giving herself completely to her husband as the Bible states in Ephesians 5:22-24. 'Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything'. The God fearing wife had read that passage thousands of times when her pussy wasn't on fire and pondered if God really wanted her to seduce teenage boys and girls, to seduce married men and women, to willingly became a cum bucket for her husband and to actually assist in the sexual submission of their daughter. Yet, the Bible's words are very clear that she should submit to her husband unconditionally and without question and for years she had done just that."That's it my little girl, beg for it in your ass," he grunted.Lilly knew that meant they were shifting into role play, something they often did, especially lately, and now she was no longer his wife, but his daughter. "Oh yes, Daddy, fuck your baby girl's ass, cleanse my sin with your magic wand."

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