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There are a number of notions concerning how FTL travel might be possible. The first supposes there are particles we have not yet detected that travel faster than light. Such "tachyons" are theoretically possible, but if they did exist, detecting them, much less hitching a ride on them, presents great difficulties considering the medium (a form of particle so subtle it does not affect the passage of single photons or even quarks). This concept is increasingly disparaged, but remains not-disproved. A more currently popular idea takes advantage of cutting edge physics (being cutting edge, and therefore fuzzier). It is possible for a vessel to take advantage of highly unusual astronomical phenomena such as black holes, superstrings, or cosmic wormholes to "slip through" space by traveling across its folds. As a logical extension, some SF posits the artificial creation of wormwholes or folds. The advantage to this notion is plausibility. Disadvantages include the highly advanced science required, the staggering levels of energy involved, and some unresolved questions about the effects of traveling through wormholes (many models baldly suggest it's possible to go back in time if you cross the right fold, and that introduces problems such as paradoxes, time travel, and really odd navigation errors). In short, in hard SF, FTL travel relies on some as-yet-undiscovered principle by which we can cheat relativistic effects. In human history, there has generally never been an engineering dilemma that defies human ingenuity forever, and I like to imagine this one is no exception. But it remains, at present, a great hurdle in interstellar exploration.

Cheat Harvest Moon Back To Nature


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