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Hey guys!

Just wanted to send you all a quick hello! Between work, home and grad school applications, its been crazy! I thought it best to give everyone a few little updates:

- First...... I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting the arrival of a very special "client-friend"'s baby as we speak! This is the first of many in-hospital sessions, so stay tuned for those precious little moments we will be capturing!

- Second, Many of my affiliate business have been making some major updates! Be sure to check out for the most precious spring party decor you could imagine!

-Finally, I opted out of Easter mini's this season, but that is not without something else up my sleeve! Location is pending, but I promise its a good one!

Please note,........ booking has begun into summer for custom sessions, so please do not hesitate to contact me if there is an event or special milestone I can capture for you!

Hope to see many of you once this crazy PA weather settles itself down!

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