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Adrian Lee
Adrian Lee

Well Nourished: Mindful Practices To Heal Your Relationship With Food, Feed Your Whole Self, And End

Andrea incorporates mindfulness-based eating awareness training (MB-EAT), MBSR, and other mindful eating and mindfulness-based mind-body practices in her private practice working with individuals on a wide range of nutritional challenges: nutrition for optimal well-being, disordered eating, overeating, weight management, body image, and stress-related issues and health concerns.

Well Nourished: Mindful Practices To Heal Your Relationship With Food, Feed Your Whole Self, And End

You don't have to turn to food in difficult times. Well Nourished shows you how to develop a mindful relationship with food as you nourish yourself emotionally. There is much more to nourishing yourself than simply eating food. After a long day of feeling run down and exhausted, what you're likely really hungering for are other forms of nourishment. Well Nourished is here to show you how to live a life where you can feel nourished emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially, and creatively. This is your chance to be mindfully present as you receive, experience, and engage in the nourishing activities and moments that will sustain you on levels other than what your stomach is telling you. You will learn to maintain an inner sense of balance and nourishment even when the waters of life are pitching you around like a ship in a storm. Well Nourished gives you the tools and practices to accomplish all of this when you might otherwise turn to food in these difficult times. With Well Nourished, you will develop a mindful relationship to food and craft your well-nourished life.

Andrea Lieberstein, MPH, RDN, RYT, founder of the Mindful Eating Training Institute trains health professionals and the general public in mindful eating and living programs and Well Nourished Coaching Training through her research-based professional mindful eating trainings, Well Nourished Living programs, retreats and international coaching practice. She is an integrative mindfulness-based registered dietitian, international speaker, author, and retreat leader. She is best-selling author of the book, Well-Nourished: Mindful Practices to Heal Your Relationship with Food, Feed your Whole Self and End Overeating".

Andrea's newest online program, Well Nourished, includes coach training in the later modules, and is based on her 'Well Nourished Approach' with a special focus on Nourishing the Whole Self, healing relationship to food, mindfulness training, self-compassion practices, and transmuting craving. In her private practice, Andrea works with individuals to have more peace, balance and joy in their relationship with food, nutrition, body-image, and stress-related issues and health concerns or whom simply want to bring their lives back into balance and vibrancy through mindful eating and living. Andrea spearheaded Mind Body programs at various Kaiser Permanente Northern California centers, for twenty years and was a consultant and teacher for NIH funded research on a mindful eating program based on MB-EAT. A mindfulness practitioner and leader for over thirty years, Andrea has degrees from Stanford University and the University of California at Berkeley. You can find her at or, or www.

Written by licensed clinical psychologist and well-recognized mindful eating expert Lynn Rossy, Ph.D., Savor Every Bite takes a whole-body approach to transform your relationship with food and learn to nourish your spirit.

One of the best books on emotional eating, The Binge Cure tackles your tough questions and complex issues around food, emotional eating, and your physical well-being. Author and psychoanalyst Dr. Nina Savelle-Rockling combines case studies and her unique, personal experience with eating disorders to illustrate how change is possible.

Learn to eat in ways that fully nourish your body and your soul with insight on how to have a healthy, mindful relationship with food, points on why you should eat in a healthy, sustainable way, and ideas on how to break habits that lead to overeating and poor nutritional choices.

Babb examines awareness of eating and emotions and provides the tools you need to make a positive transformation to your relationship with food. Gain a better understanding of your eating patterns and habits to deepen your mind-body connection and change the way you feed yourself.


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