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Amateur Secretary [CRACKED]

(6) A notice of a program of amateur boxing event must be filed in the office of the Commission at least 5 days before the date of the program with verification that the event is registered with USA Boxing.

amateur secretary

Secretary-General to the President Chen Chu (陳菊) attended the Ministry of Finance 2019 Uniform Invoice Cup Road Race marking the Presidential Office Building's 100th anniversary and fired the starter's pistol for the amateur division on March 24. Secretary-General Chen thanked everyone for their enthusiastic participation in the event marking the building's centennial and the development of democracy in Taiwan.

The secretary-general stated that the centennial activities had given people an opportunity to stand witness to the development of democracy in Taiwan and the many ups and downs experienced by the country over the past century. The activities were a reminder that since Taiwan's transition from authoritarianism to democracy, the Presidential Office Building has become the people's Presidential Office. On behalf of President Tsai Ing-wen, she thanked everyone for their participation and again expressed appreciation to the host and supporting organizations, as well as the many participating civic groups, for the tremendous assistance they had lent to the Office of the President with event preparations. She further said she was looking forward to a successful road race.

In closing, the secretary-general again thanked everyone for coming together to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Presidential Office Building and pay witness to the development of democracy in Taiwan. "You are all witnesses to history," she stated.

After concluding her remarks, Secretary-General Chen, Minister of Finance Su Jain-rong (蘇建榮), Chairman Ray Dawn (董瑞斌) of First Financial Holding Co., Legislator Shih Yi-fang (施義芳), and Taipei City Government Deputy Secretary-General Hsueh Chuen-ming (薛春明) took part in firing the starter's pistol for the road race's amateur division.

This is professional administrative work planning and directing the administration of the laws, rules and regulations of the Commonwealth's Athletic Commission. The employee in this class is responsible for supervising and directing a staff engaged in the enforcement of the Athletic Code, as well as rules and regulations of the Commission regulating amateur and professional boxing, kick boxing, various martial arts and to a lesser degree professional wrestling contests and exhibitions. The position reports to the Secretary of the Commonwealth or his/her designee. Work assignments are derived from the State Athletic Code, the Secretary of the Commonwealth, and the Commission. The employee works with considerable independence with work progress reviewed by the Secretary of the Commonwealth. EXAMPLES OF WORK:

Prepares and updates procedural guidelines for distribution to Regional Offices in order to maintain consistent office services. Collects, analyzes, and summarizes information in order to forward recommendations to the Commission on changes in policy, rules, regulations or the Athletic Code. Attends a representative number of boxing and wrestling events to supervise and monitor Commission staff, in order to insure consistent and correct application of the policies, procedures, rules, regulations or the Athletic Code. Organizes and conducts training sessions for Commission personnel, licensees, and clerical staff. Reviews and approves contracts between managers and professional boxers and kick boxers consistent with Commission requirements, as well as resolving any contract disputes. Coordinates with Amateur Boxing Federation (USA/ABF) to ensure that Commission rules and regulations are disseminated and followed at all amateur boxing events. Researches the background of scheduled contestants to ensure equal matches; records and distributes results of events to Commissions in other states; and maintains a ranking list of Pennsylvania boxers. Reviews Contest Reports and other documents submitted by Commission personnel to ensure proper completion and investigates any reported misconduct. Develops new programs, including training of responsible personnel and procedures for implementation. Plans, executes and controls the Commission's budget insuring that expenditures do not exceed budgeted allocations. In addition, insures that revenues are sufficient to meet anticipated expenditures or takes corrective action to achieve a balanced budget. Prepares agenda for Commission meetings and coordinates periodic telephonic Commission meetings. In addition, insures that all Commission meetings comply with Sunshine Law requirements. Plans and conducts periodic meetings of the Medical Advisory Board of the Commission and reports orally and in writing to the Secretary and the Commission on the activities and recommendations of the Medical Advisory Board. Implements and supervises a drug testing program of all licensed athletes under the Athletic Code in consultation with the Medical Advisory Board and Secretary of Health. Enforces the provisions of the Professional Wresting Act, in particular, the licensing of promoters, the collection of the gross receipts fee, and investigates complaints relative to violations of that Act. Ensures compliance with all applicable federal laws. Assists Commission in the promotion of professional and amateur boxing throughout Pennsylvania. Maintains medical and contest result records of all professional boxing contestants. Presents an annual report to the House and Senate State Government Committees on the Commission's rules and regulations. Employees in this class may participate in the performance of their subordinates work consistent with operational or organizational requirements. Performs related work as required. REQUIRED KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES:

Knowledge of modern office management methods. Knowledge of the sport of boxing, kick boxing, wrestling and the martial arts. Ability to organize and write procedural guidelines and communicate them to State Athletic Commission personnel. Ability to supervise and direct staff engaged in work directly related to the implementation of the Athletic Code. Ability to learn and apply Commission policies, rules and regulations and provisions of the Athletic Code. Ability to interview, gather, organize, and evaluate information and present recommendations orally and in writing to the Secretary of the Commonwealth or the Commission. Ability to speak and write effectively. Ability to establish and recommend goals and objectives to Commission members. Ability to ensure consistent application of Commission rules, regulations and Athletic Code. Ability to organize, present and conduct seminars for Commission licensees and personnel. Ability to relate contract provisions to Commission requirements and resolve contract disputes. Ability to establish effective work relationships with the written and electronic media, private individuals, civic groups, boxing organizations, and promoters to yield increased promotion of amateur and professional boxing exhibitions and contests in Pennsylvania. Ability to organize and establish procedures for the conduct of business and processing of transactions utilizing the resources available from the Department's computer system. Ability to prepare and submit an annual operating budget and to execute and control the expenditures in that budget. Ability to implement a drug testing program under the Athletic Code. MINIMUM EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING:

PFAI general secretary Stephen McGuinness joined Nathan Murphy on The Football Show this evening to give an overview of what the minimum wage contracts that are going to be introduced into the League of Ireland will involve.

We start with clubs that have several events this week. Coulsdon Amateur Transmitting Society has nets today and next Sunday at 11am on 145.4MHz QRM and 5pm on 3.7MHz QRM. Wednesday sees a net from 9pm on 70.425MHz. Details from Andy Briers, G0KZT, via email to 041b061a72


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