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CJ wants a pet guinea pig, but her mom thinks she's not responsible enough, since she couldn't keep any of her pet fish alive for more than 2 weeks. To prove to her mom that she is responsible, she agrees to adopt a "flour baby", which is just a bag of flour (Crispo also gets one and Fenwick gets a bag of chips, since he is allergic to wheat). This becomes the next thing on their list. Things start out okay, but eventually, it spirals out of control. CJ loses her flour baby and she enlists Fenwick and Crispo's help to help her look for it. Mindy volunteers to help Crispo take care of his flour baby and he eventually agrees, since he wants to beat Fenwick. Crispo and Mindy act like parents, even going so far as to have a custody agreement over the "baby", but they argue regularly. The vending machine in the teacher's lounge is out of a certain type of chips and Fenwick happens to have a bag of it (his "flour baby"). So, the teachers hunt him down and try to get him to give them the bag.

Bucket List Type Stuff 720p movies


You can change which items are downloaded and stored on the card, though. First, head to Settings > Storage and tap your SD card. There you will see a list of different file types like videos and pictures. Choose which ones are stored on the card by toggling the setting on or off.

However, a lot of things continuously pop up among the Europe bucket list crowd that seem to be pretty standard, like seeing a sunset in Santorini. Social media can really be driving these bucket list items we see online and show us the things we want to experience for ourselves.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris is amazing anytime of day, but it is especially amazing at night when it dazzles. The Eiffel Tower is not the only thing to see in the city of lights either. Make sure to look at all the amazing things to add to your Paris bucket list.

When it comes to unique lodging, make sure to add Icehotel in Sweden to your European bucket list! This is an opportunity to stay in a hotel and room constructed entirely of snow and ice. Because this is such a unique thing to do, staying one to two nights is plenty.

This fairy tale town is unmissable. Most notable for the red and yellow splashed palace, Palacio Nacional da Pena, this is a must visit when checking off your Europe bucket list destination. The architecture of the palace is truly fascinating as you can see the romanticism throughout.

One of the most colorful times to visit Amsterdam and Holland in general, is in the spring when the tulips pop up. If you head outside the city you can find fields with rows and rows of colored tulips as far as the eye can see. Visit this magical time of year in the spring and add it to your Amsterdam bucket list!

There are a variety of waffles to indulge while visiting Belgium, but atop your food bucket list should be a Liege waffle. Now this waffle is not like others. The Liege waffle eclipses all other waffles.

For just over a hundred years, the palace was the royal residence of France. Then in 1789 came the French Revolution. If you love history and architectural grandeur, Versailles should absolutely be on your Europe bucket list.

Summer is the busier time to visit, but if your Europe bucket list has Christmas markets, definitely plan to visit during the winter season. The market is just magical. And make sure to drink the mulled wine.

The most popular attraction in all of Slovenia and a beautiful site at that, Lake Bled should be on your Europe bucket list. The beauty of this area is that it still is not overcrowded from the masses of tourists and you can enjoy it.

If you have a sweet tooth, the sachertorte in Vienna should not be missed. This delectable dessert is made of chocolate sponge cake, dark chocolate icing and filled with apricot jam. It is unique and also decadent. You should add this incredible dessert to your food bucket list as well.

While this is definitely a bucket list item for Florence, visiting Santo Spirito is all about getting a meal and drinks while in the area. I highly recommend heading to Gurdulu Gastronomia for a meal if you want unique dishes and Osteria Cinghiale Bianco for the classics. I also would highly recommend making a reservation at La Loggia Rooftop Bar for some refreshing libations.

If you want to be spooked in this spooky city, you should also add a Salem ghost tour and a visit to some of the most haunted places in Salem to your bucket list. Other New England cities also boast creepy ghost tours.

Looking for things to do in Dallas this summer for your summer Dallas bucket list? Look no further, here are 40 of my favorite summer activities in Austin! Whether you want to soak in the sun, keep cool by the pool, or avoid melting by staying indoors we have something on this list for everyone.

SPEND THE DAY AT GRAPEVINE LAKE (& CATCH THEIR FIREWORK SHOW)I grew up in Grapevine, so this happens to be my personal favorite Dallas summer bucket list item. Grab your friends and head over to the lake for the day! You can rent a boat for a pretty affordable price, or just hang out by the water. Plus, they do a fireworks show over the lake every Friday night.

DRIVE DOWN FOR A SAFARI AT FOSSIL RIMAnother amazing hidden gem in the area, I used to LOVE going to Fossil Rim when I was little. Seriously such a fun thing to do with kids in Dallas and a key Dallas summer bucket list item. You basically get to drive through this mini-safari and have the animals come straight up to your car!

CHECK OUT THE SHARKS AT THE DALLAS WORLD AQUARIUMA great Dallas summer bucket list item for kids especially! Take your kiddos to the Dallas World Aquarium for the day and enjoy the penguins and sharks and all the other cool gems they have.

CATCH A SYMPHONY AT THE BASS HALL IN FORT WORTHMy parents always love attending symphonies and plays at Bass Hall in Fort Worth! Snag some tickets to a show here, or you can check out the Winspear Opera House in Dallas. Either way, immerse yourself in the arts this summer on your Dallas bucket list.

Parents need to know that 100 Things to Do Before High School follows three tweens' adventures as they attempt to make their middle school years memorable. It's not likely your kids will follow the characters' leads in many of their bucket-list items (driving a crane without permission, for instance), but their smaller infractions, such as lying to teachers or cutting class -- which are cast in a comical light -- might warrant reminders about appropriate behavior. There's a fair amount of lighthearted stereotyping among the school's population, from an unreasonable principal to a hulking, dimwitted hall monitor. This series is hardly realistic, but it's a lot of fun and has some great things to say about the value of friendship.

To create a bucket list, sit down and brainstorm. Think about all the things you wanted to do and never got around to doing. Think of the things you dream of doing but never had the guts. Read the ideas below to get more ideas and see more examples.

SetJetters is the app that puts film locations in the palm of your hand. We have built the bridge from the theater (or the couch) to the real world of your favorite movies. Explore our interactive map to find movie locations near you. Or, simply type in the film you're after and we'll tell you where it was shot. And once you're here, collect a badge for the scenes you visit. Think of us as Pokémon Go but for film locations. We'll even help you recreate the scene for the perfect photo that's ready to share to our SetJetters Feed or other social platforms. We also provide you with information about interesting things to check out in the local area, like this Birds café that has excellent oysters. Visit the worlds of over 900 films, in 47 countries, across 600 cities, making us the largest mobile movie scene database in the world and growing. Explore the locations of major blockbusters. We have every James Bond scene, Star Wars scene, Harry Potter scene, and all of the Lord of the Rings locations. But, if there's a scene we haven't got to yet, submit it and let us know where it is. Our game features allow users to collect a badge when they visit a grouping of scenes working their way up to a leaderboard. So download the JetSetters app. Travel inspired by the movies we love.

One of my favorite films is Lost in Translation, and it's definitely a bucket list dream to visit Tokyo. I downloaded the app to see if they include that film, and they do! Now I can visit all of my favorite scenes from the movie. You can also search around your current location to see what scenes were shot nearby. And it's fun to see the scene re-creation photos that app users upload. 350c69d7ab


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