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[S1E5] This Is Our House HOT!

So, time to improv! A traumatized Rhaenyra and a grieving Laenor are married that evening, with just their immediate families in attendance. The minute the vows are completed, Viserys crumples to the ground, unconscious. Outside, in the godswood, Ser Criston prepares to kill himself, but Alicent stops him. And throughout all of this, Daemon is nowhere to be seen.

[S1E5] This is Our House

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You can see that temporary post at the end of the beam. The corner of the wall got a bracket set into the top of the concrete. Since this picture, that post was cut off below grade and cut to set on top of the wall and support the beam.

Rhaenyra spends the trip back to King's Landing with her own secret lover, Ser Criston Cole (Fabien Frankel), who isn't as comfortable with being a secret as Joffrey is. He proposes that they leave Westeros for Essos, where they can be married and live a life free from politics. It's a sweet, naive proposition, one that Rhaenyra can't take seriously. She's in too deep at this point, and there's also the Song of Ice and Fire to think about. She assures Criston of her and Laenor's "understanding," but the arrangement makes him feel like a "whore." He's a man of duty and obedience, and he's tearing himself up over breaking his celibacy oath. Marrying her is the only way he can restore his integrity.

Otto isn't the only one whispering in Alicent's ear. Larys Strong (Matthew Needham), the limping, Littlefinger-esque son of Lyonel, returns after a brief appearance in episode 3 to tell the queen about the curious cup of medicinal tea Rhaenyra was served the night Otto was dismissed. He knows that Alicent knows the purpose of such a cup, and this revelation causes her to doubt Rhaenyra's claim to innocence.

Dutton tells Jamie to take the helicopter to wherever he has to go to deal with the Kayce situation. And then it's grandpa time, with Dutton offering an irresistibly big cookie - "big as a dinner plate" - to Tate if he runs inside to get it. While he's on a cookie hunt, Dutton tells Monica not to worry; they'll deal with Kayce's legal woes. Monica worries anyway. Dutton makes his bid to get the family under his roof, telling Monica to think about her family because surviving day-to-day isn't living. Just then, Tate bursts out of the house with a big cookie and exclaims, "Boy, you weren't kidding!"

Jamie deftly swats away the tribal police's accusations against Kayce. So the bullets in the body match a tribal cop's gun? Shouldn't have traded, I guess. It seems like Rainwater should have been shrewd enough to anticipate this. But he's in for the long game, so maybe he did. Kayce and Jamie get back in the helicopter and head for the Dutton ranch.

On however many acres of the Dutton Ranch, John and Tate settle on throwing rocks into the trough as a fun activity. Once Tate is happily chucking stones, Monica remarks to John that he doesn't act like the man she's heard about. Just then, Jamie and Kayce arrive on the helicopter, and Jamie proclaims the problem "solved." Dutton tells Kayce that he's got something he needs Kayce to do, but that he'll like this kind of work. The work is training the very stallion Kayce gifted his father, but Kayce doesn't want to, saying "I won't work for you." But Kayce decides to do so anyway, without accepting pay.

Where's my boy Jimmy? We haven't seen him yet this episode! Well, here he is, trying to get on a horse after his hellacious beat-down at the big fists of the late, but maybe not great, Fred. Even the other hands can tell from how bad Jimmy is wincing from atop his horse that he's hurt bad. "It's the shame that hurts the most," Lloyd says, "but pain is in the mind."

And at the ranch, Walker (again, played by country/Americana star Ryan Bingham) plays a mournful tune for the other hands in the bunkhouse. It's a good tune, but considering his bunkmates asked for a happy song, it's an atypically sad one. It also might be available on one of Bingham's albums, I'm not sure. I'm more of a Highwaymen man myself. And then it's time for the Dutton secret ritual: the criminal branding. Walker accepts his brand with as much grace as anyone can when they feel their own flesh searing.

Jamie asks his father why he's keeping Beth, who is clearly not in the best mental health right now, around for this extended period. John tells him that he needs Beth because, God bless her, she can be evil, and evil's what he needs right now.

What I liked about this episode is that it took a week off from the melodramatics and violence to set up further melodrama and violence in later episodes. I think the show is better when it is taking its time, allowing the tension to build from it's character's actions. Now, do you think Kayce will continue his streak of not killing anyone next week? My guess is probably not.

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"The beauty is that nobody knows what it means and that it has no definition," said Paul Rothstein, a professor of law at Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C. "It covers a multifarious group of situations and therefore no one can say that it means this person is a suspect, because they aren't yet. Because there isn't enough information.

"It's a way for police and prosecutors to disguise that they really have some grounds to suspect that a person played some role in a crime. But they don't feel they have enough evidence that they want to essentially perhaps defame the person by suggesting to the public that this person has committed a crime or is a full suspect in a crime."

The show begins with Will picking up Tray from the airport in a luxury Lexus and the two reminisced over the good times in Philly and how dope California was. Once they got to the house, Tray was shocked at how Will was living and mentioned how hard it will be for Will to give all of it up when he moves back home since Rashaad, who was looking to kill both of them, is dead. Will looked confused but agreed in the moment.

On the other side of the table, Ashley asked one of the new housemates, that identifies as they/them, about sexual fluidity, after she showed signs of having a crush on her friend, Lucia, at the rollerskating rink in episode 4.

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The trip to Driftmark was, in a word, gorgeous: Those hallowed halls! That shot of the great mansion itself and its surrounding lands. The eeriness of the castle that clearly lends itself to talking clocks, guests invited to dinner by a single candlestick, and a gay sidekick. Lord Corlys the Sea Snake Velaryon and Rhaenys The Queen Who Never Was Targaryen have a heated heart to heart over whether now is the right time to join houses (it is), whether their nicknames are too long (they are), and if their children will be able to keep their Velaryon names (They will. Kinda.)

I actually think there could be a lot of payoff to doing it this way. Yes, they are zipping through pre-war history really fast and compressing a few things even from the source book, but what that means, in the end, is that in season 2 they can slow right down and do things on a more similar timeline to seasons 2 and 3 of GOT as the war ramps up. Which means that the major moments of the war will hopefully feel very earned, and the characters who are alive and relevant to the Dance of the Dragons itself do feel very complete.

My one exception would be Criston Cole. IMO there is basically a scene missing which should have been in episode 3. We needed a scene between Criston Cole and Ser Westerling his Lord Commander about the value and history of the Kingsguard, the weight of the duty and the pride they take in serving this role. The scene could have taken place after Rhaenyra returned with the boar having saved her life. I think it would have done a lot to make his sense of conflicted honour feel more earned.

The symbol of this green flame was visible on Otto's horse, helping tie together the choice Alicent makes to show outward allegiance toward her own house instead of wearing the traditional black and red of House Targaryen for the wedding's welcome feast.

The presence of this tree has been intriguing for many book fans, since Martin's text has made it clear that the weirwoods in the southern parts of Westeros (including King's Landing) were all cut down. In "Game of Thrones," which takes place about 200 years after "House of the Dragon," we were shown the stump of the weirwood tree when Sansa Stark went to pray in private.

In an interview with Insider ahead of the premiere for "House of the Dragon," actor Paddy Considine (who plays Viserys) said he fought for this book detail to come to life in the show after he read Martin's book.

Alicent uses this opportunity to question Ser Criston, who unbeknownst to her is fresh off being rejected by Rhaenyra. The queen questions him about what he did or did not hear and see of Rhaenyra on the night Daemon returned to King's Landing.

King Viserys kicks off his speech about uniting the two oldest houses in the realm, the Targaryens and the Velaryons, when Queen Alicent finally makes her entrance. A hush falls over the room as ominous music plays. Alicent, wearing an emerald dress, is radiating bad bitch energy.

At this point, Ser Gerold Royce accosts Daemon at the royal table about the death of Lady Royce, who was Gerold's cousin. Daemon calls it a tragic accident, but Ser Royce accuses Daemon of being the culprit.

"You don't know me, Ser Criston, but we are both deeply invested in this union," the man tells Ser Criston. "Ser Laenor is quite dear to me, as I know the princess is to you. We should swear to each other to guard them and their secrets. If those are kept safe, then so will we all." 041b061a72


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