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Vik Rent Car: The Best WordPress Car Rental Plugin

Vik Rent Car: The Best WordPress Car Rental Plugin

If you are looking for a reliable and easy-to-use car rental plugin for your WordPress website, you should consider Vik Rent Car. Vik Rent Car is a professional software that allows you to manage your car rental business with features such as:

  • Complete pricing system: You can configure daily, weekly, monthly and hourly costs, as well as seasonal prices, types of insurance and extra charges for additional services.

  • Different types of price/insurance: You can create one or more insurance types for your vehicles, such as Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) etc. and specify the rental costs for every pricing option.

  • Pickup/drop off locations: You can manage all the locations where your offices are located and set up opening times, suggested times, closing days and time breaks for each location.

  • Cars and sub-units: You can see exactly which car your customers have booked, and eventually change it to a different car unit. You can also keep track of the damages and logs of your vehicles.

  • Rental orders overview: You can organize and schedule any rental order for your vehicles through overview calendars showing the remaining availability. You can also define and manage notes for any date of the year, for any vehicle and sub-unit.

  • Payment options: You can let your customers pay their reservations online via credit card, PayPal, cash upon arrival or other payment gateways. Vik Rent Car supports over 60+ payment gateways.

  • Reports and statistics: You can generate and export data on revenue, rate plans revenue, occupancy ranking and top countries.

  • White-label functions and styles: You can customize the plugin to reflect your own company brand and style. Vik Rent Car is fully compatible with any WordPress theme.

Vik Rent Car is designed for large and small companies working on the car rental business. It has been used by more than 2000 rental agencies around the world, including some well-known brands. You can try the free version of Vik Rent Car or purchase the pro version for more features and support.

vik rent car

Vik Rent Car is the best WordPress car rental plugin that you can find. It will help you manage your rentals with ease and efficiency. Don't miss this opportunity to boost your car rental business with Vik Rent Car!

How to use Vik Rent Car on your WordPress website

Using Vik Rent Car on your WordPress website is very easy and intuitive. You just need to install the plugin from the WordPress repository or upload the zip file of the pro version. Then you can activate the plugin and start setting up your car rental system. You can access the plugin settings from the Vik Rent Car menu in your WordPress dashboard. There you can create and manage your cars, prices, locations, orders, payments, reports and more. You can also customize the appearance and behavior of the plugin from the Configuration page.

Vik Rent Car also provides you with shortcodes and widgets that you can use to display your car rental system on your website. You can use the shortcode [vikrentcar] to show the booking form where your customers can select their pickup and drop off dates, locations and car type. You can also use the shortcode [vikrentcar_cars] to show a list of your available cars with their details and prices. You can use the widgets to show a booking form, a search form or a list of cars in your sidebar or footer.

Vik Rent Car is fully responsive and mobile-friendly, so your customers can book their cars from any device. You can also translate the plugin into any language using the built-in translation tool or a third-party plugin like WPML.

Why choose Vik Rent Car over other car rental plugins

There are many reasons why Vik Rent Car is better than other car rental plugins for WordPress. Here are some of them:

  • Vik Rent Car is a native WordPress plugin, not a third-party service. This means that you have full control over your data and you don't depend on external servers or APIs.

  • Vik Rent Car is a complete and reliable solution that covers all aspects of your car rental business. You don't need to install any other plugins or extensions to make it work.

  • Vik Rent Car is flexible and customizable. You can configure it to suit your specific needs and preferences. You can also change its look and feel to match your website design.

  • Vik Rent Car is compatible and integrable. You can use it with any WordPress theme and any other plugin. You can also integrate it with other services like Google Maps, MailChimp, WooCommerce, etc.

  • Vik Rent Car is affordable and supported. You can get the pro version for a reasonable price and enjoy one year of updates and support. You can also extend your license for another year at a discounted price.

Vik Rent Car is the best choice for your car rental website. It will help you increase your bookings, improve your customer satisfaction and grow your business. 0efd9a6b88


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